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  • October 27th, 2008

    October 27, 2008:
    Misrepresenting the AL…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:30 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    So, the Rays are down 3-1 to the freaking Phillies in the World Series, last nights score being 10-2 (even their PITCHER hit a homer…), and also losing a heart breaking 9th inning walk-off game on Saturday night, 5-4.

    The Big problem? Carlos Pena and Eva(n) Longoria has 15 strikeout and NO HITS between them in their 29 bats over the last 4 games. All the timely hitting and clutch pitching has totally left this team. Where the HELL are the Rays who beat the Sox, and seemed to CONSTANTLY get homers in the ALCS? This is embarrassing for the AL…And what a complete waste of the home field advantage the AL fought so hard to claim in the 15 inning All-Star Game.

    Remember the All-Star game? The one where JD DREW was the MVP…yeah, thought you might…

    And the Hardware begins: Kevin Youkilis was awarded the 2008 Hank Aaron Award at the beginning of last night’s game, joining NL winner Aramis Ramirez from the Cubs. From Youk: “I was really happy about improving some offensive numbers this year. That’s the biggest thing: each year, I want to improve offensively…”When I heard I got the award, I said, `That’s great.’ When I heard that I had to go to the World Series, I said, `Oh, that’s not good.'”

    The award, created in 1999 to honor Hank Aaron’s breaking of Babe Ruth’s home run record, and voted on by the fans, goes to the “the most outstanding offensive performer in the American and National Leagues.” This is Youk’s 1st award. Other Sox to have won since 199: Manny Ramirez (2004) and David Ortiz (2005)…

    And some more: Sporting News has announced its Annual all star teams. And Dustin Pedroia was named the 2nd baseman for the squad, being the only Red Sox player to garner this award. A panel of GM’s and Assistant GM’s do the voting on this one….

    So all the Phillies need to do is win…one…more…game–and they will win their 1st World Series since 1980. And their next game? Tonight, in their house, with their ace, Cole Hamels, who is probably the hottest pitcher around right now…

    This feels like when St Louis beat the Tigers in 2006…UGH…YUK…..

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