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  • October 21st, 2008

    October 21, 2008:
    So What Happens Now?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:38 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    As the world waits for the World Series to begin, a smattering of Thoughts, Boston Red, or otherwise….

    Can I just tell you how little appeal this upcoming World Series holds for me? Yes, a big part of it is because the Sox are not in it, but a big part of it is that a Rays/Phillies WS really isn’t all that compelling. It’s the battle of the teams with the pretty stars on their chest…which means I NEED to ask: If the Rays win, does that earn them a 2nd star on their uniforms, just like the Phillies?

    I know, I am from PA, and, Philadelphia is about 2 hours from my house, but I have NEVER liked the team–always thought Pete Rose and Mike Schmidt and the like were all a bunch of arrogant guys who really had no reason to be…

    Although I was at their old stadium many years ago (The things we do for love…) and got to walk on the Astroturf (which is a very weird thing–it’s bouncy) and I was 3 feet from Curt Schilling and his son while Curt was signing autographs…

    And I have been to Citizens Bank Park, which is nicer than the old Park, but you would think that when they build a new park, they would be a little more conscious of making it more user friendly….

    This upcoming series reminds of the Skanks and the other Fish (of the Marlin variety) in 2003–yes, some of 2003 was heartache, but alot of it was…just…blah…But I did watch the end of the game where the Marlins, lead by 23 year old Josh Beckett beat the Skanks to win…which was certainly a beautiful thing…

    Will he or wont he? I really hope the Sox and Jason Varitek come to some sort of resolution quickly on this–I have no desire to listen to a constant rehash of this. Jason Varitek has no peer when it comes to being behind the plate and working with the pitching staff, but the Red Sox need to decide how much that is worth, weighed against, not to be mean, but, a huge gaping hole in the lineup (he batted .220 with 13 homers and 43 RBI’s in 2008)….From Theo: “He’s an important part of the organization — there’s no doubt about that. Obviously he’s coming off a year that wasn’t his best, but he’s important, nonetheless. Now, he’s a free agent and we’ll be talking to him. We have an obligation to explore all our options. We do that with every position…” Can you believe, just 3 short years ago, he won a Silver Slugger Award??

    But of course, none of this matters, as he is represented by SATAN, so you know some sort of stunt is in the works….’Tek, with the exception of some tears in his eyes on Sunday when asked if this could be the last game he played with the Sox, has been mum on the subject….

    Retirement or Bust: Mike Timlin, with a less than stellar season in 2008, with all his injuries and his 4-4 record with a 5.66 ERA, is a free agent this year, and will more than likely retire…While I am sad to see him go–I think its time…

    For those of you who are STILL going on about Manny and how if he was with the team, they would be going to the World Series–STOP. How much better could Jason Bay have done (3 homers and a .341 batting average in the postseason) for you folks to stop saying that? And he didn’t get his new team, the team he LOVED, the team of his DESTINY, to the World Series–AND he QUIT on the Red Sox, remember? The Sox 150% made the right choice in getting rid of him…period…

    I don’t believe it: When asked about Julio Lugo, Theo actually said that he was “potentially available for the World Series” WHAT??? Are you kidding me? Have we learned nothing this season? Yes, Jed Lowrie struggled towards the end of his rookie season, but he is still head and shoulders above Julio Lugo, especially defensively…Get rid of Lugo and lets all move on, shall we?

    Apparently Josh Beckett will be fine. His shoulder and arm are OK; it’s the strained oblique that caused all the problems in the postseason. Once he gets a bunch of rest, (6 weeks is the normal prescription for an injury of this type) he should be all ready to go for 2009…Opening Day to be precise…

    Yep, I am an idiot–I was one of those folks who were screaming for Coco to be traded–and if he had, the Sox would have been in a heap of trouble, especially when JD Drew went down with his bad back, and Jacoby started doing terrible at the plate. Coco was freaking batting .500 in the ALCS–what a difference a year makes!

    Mike Lowell had his surgery yesterday in New York, and it was a “complete success” according to Theo. Apparently the damage was not as bad as they expected. They removed a small portion of the labrum and 2 bony lesions, in addition to releasing one of his abductors (whatever that means…). Normal rehab time is 3-4 months, which put him at about January or February for full recovery–right in time for Spring Training…

    So…What the HELL are we all going to DO for the next 5 months?????

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