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  • October 15th, 2008

    Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay 13:
    And Now its TEN…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:21 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    …Homeruns that Red Sox pitching has given up in this ALCS.

    Get out the Fork–and stick it in this team–They…Are…Done…

    Holy Buckets! What the hell happened in the span of a WEEK? Is this REALLY the same Boston Red Sox team that beat the Angels, who won 100 games in 2008?

    And exactly what I feared would happen, did–right down to the complete depletion of the bullpen.

    Tim Wakefield could not even get out of the 3rd inning, giving up 5 runs on 6 hits (including the 3 homers) while walking 2 and striking out 2. He threw 44 pitches, 30 for strikes in his 2 1/3 inning of work.

    And then Justin Masterson, who was a bright spot of the evening, only giving up 1 run while striking out 4 and walking 1 in his 2 1/3 inning of work, gave the Sox a chance to get back into this game

    But then the horrific pitching stylings of Manny Delcarmen (giving up 5 runs in his 1/3 of an inning), Javier Lopez and Mike Timlin, pitched the Sox into oblivion, giving up another SEVEN runs in their 4 innings of work….

    And THESE kinds of stats &*(&#@*(&#(*@& make me CRAZY:

    Javier Lopez: 1.2 IP, 2 hits, zero everything else, including ERA. Sounds like he was the only successful Red Sox pitcher, right?

    Think again: Inherited Runners/Inherited Runners Scored: Lopez 3-3.

    Freaking WONDERFUL…

    And to just add to it, Mike Lowell is done for the year, opting to go for surgery on his right hip labrum next week. Apparently Theo told him he had a “99% chance” of not being the on the World Series Roster, so he decided not to wait any longer and get it done. From Mike: “I just didn’t want to drag it out and see if it affects the later part of Spring Training or even April of next year. I think if I do it now, with the doctor’s time-table, by mid-February, everything should be good to go. I think that lines me up well to have a full Spring Training and not be rushed and have it affect next year.” The procedure will be performed in New York by New York Giants physician Dr. Bryan Kellye next Monday.

    Conveniently enough, there is also “99% chance” that NONE of hte Boston Red Sox will be on the World Series Roster…

    This team looks…toothless and old and lethargic…There is no spark, no spunk. I thought they would at least make it a series.

    And I know what you are thinking: “2007! 2004! They can do it again!” Those teams did not have an ace that has lost about 5 miles on his fast ball, and is probably in more pain/discomfort than he is letting on. Those teams did not also have another ace that has been NAILS for the team, but gets lit up in his start. Those teams did not have a Jacoby Ellsbury and Jason Varitek batting .000, and a Big Papi batting .071. (He hit his 1st hit in this series, a triple, in last night’s contest.) The other teams also did not have 2nd baseman Dustin Pedroia stating: “Hit the Panic Button.”

    As much as I hope it happens, I just don’t think they have the stuff this year, and I also think that it’s Tampa Bay’s time, and nothing is going to stop them–just like no one was going to stop the Sox in 2004, and 2007….

    Old friend Trot Nixon, dressed in his #7 jersey, was on-hand to throw out the 1st pitch for last night’s game–and got a huge and warm welcome at the Fens. From Trot: “It feels great. Heartfelt. Kind of emotional. … When I look back on my career, it’s going to be mostly the days I was in a Red Sox uniform. The best way to put it is I was spoiled in my professional career…It’s an unbelievable fan base, but you’ve got to put up.” Currently playing with the Mets, Trot hit 133 home runs and had a .278 BA during his tenure with the Sox…

    Coming up: An Off Day, where hopefully (and I NEVER thought I would be saying this) the Phillies (UGH) will dispatch with the Dodger so Manny Ramirez can go the hell home and play golf). Their game tonight begins at 8:22pm on FOX.

    This day off also gives Red Sox Nation another day to wallow….then the Nation turns its desperate eyes to Daisuke, who did VERY well in last start–but I cannot recall him having 2 great starts in a row this year. But, in a susprise move, Tampa Bay will not go with James Shields. Joe Maddon has decided to go with Scott Kazmir, who struggled as much as Josh Beckett did (and also got a no descision) in Saturday night’s game…hmmm…interesting…1st pitch 8:07pm

    Note to the baseball gods: If you could see your way through for the Sox to win this 1 game, to send the series back to the Trop, so Tampa Bay does not celebrate in our house, that would be really great.

    But this game could very well be the end of Red Sox Baseball until April of 2009–SIX months away!

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    And Now its TEN…”

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