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  • October 14th, 2008

    Red Sox 1, Tampa Bay 9:
    The Reverse Lock Strikes Again!

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:49 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    I had a feeling this might happen–everyone was just…a…little…too…confident that Jon Lester was going to win this game, and Matt Garza was going to crash and burn…

    And of course, The Reverse Lock engages and Jon Lester gets lit up (5 2/3 innings of 8 hit, 5 run ball, while striking out 7 and walking 2. What killed him is the same thing that hurt Josh Beckett on Saturday–Homers. Lester gave up 2 (a solo and a 3-run shot) in his 96 pitch outing…Jon Lester is now the proud owner of a 6.35 ERA for the postseason….Tasty….

    Then, Paul Byrd comes in and gives up his obligatory 4 runs, this time in a span of 3 1/3 inning–All of the runs HE gave up as well, where as a result of homers (a 3 run and a solo shot–yep, just like Lester…)

    Problem is–if Wakefield struggles early–who comes in for long relief? Masterson? Or do you deplete the bullpen? Something the Sox have to think about is Thursday’s pitcher, Daisuke, who, despite his brilliant outing on Friday, cannot be counted to repeat that, as a 5 inning start out of him is the rule, rather than the exception….

    I don’t want to be negative, but I reallyREALLY think the Rays will advance. Like I have said before, sometimes it’s just meant to be, and I think, maybe, this year, it’s meant to be for the Rays. The Sox are in trouble.

    And for those of you who are saying that Manny would make any difference–Stop right there. Manny would not help make Josh Beckett OK–’cause it’s obvious he is not. Manny would not have stopped John Lester from being lit up last night–which is more than likely a fluke, that just came as the most god-awful time…Manny could not help with the 7, count ’em SEVEN home runs Red Sox pitching have given up in the last 2 games. Manny would not help Jacoby Ellsbury and Jason Varitek who currently have a 0.00 Batting Average for the ALCS. To be fair, Big Papi also has a 0.00 BA, which might have been helped by Manny still being with the Sox, but it would still not help the pitching situation…

    And if Manny is the cure-all–why is he not doing it for the team he LOVES to play with? The Phillies beat the Dodgers again last night 7-5 to get to 3-1 in the series. 1 more win, and they will be in thier 1st World Series in 15 years…

    What I am not happy about is the fact that the folks at Fenway were actually BOOING the Sox in yesterday’s game–specifically Jason Varitek. Uh, HELLO? What are you doing? The Sox have won TWO World Series in the last 4 years–and that is not enough? Stop being ungrateful, and be freaking glad they got to where they are–cause they could be the Skanks, who have been HOME for the last two weeks…If the Sox do not win this year, we’ll get over it…

    And to expound on my comments yesterday–TBS…SUCKS OUT LOUD…I never thought I would say this, but these guys are WORSE than the YES Folks (to be fair, YES folks has gotten better with their coverage) I am waiting for Chip Caray to start waxing nostalgic on how Eva(n) Longoria has the eyes of a champion…They actually asked TITO about MATT GARZA’S emotions on the mound! What kind of &*(#&@*(^#@&*%^ stupid-assed question is that????

    This is supposed to be FAIR AND BALANCED coverage–to hear they talk, Tampa Bay should immediately be given the World Series Trophy, and maybe they’ll even go out to the Manta-Ray tank at the Trop and walk on water for use all…UGH…

    Maybe I’ll send an e-mail to that Ernie Guy…he could use it in EJ’s Mailbag–AS IF….

    Tonight: The fate of a nation rests on the shoulders of knuckleball pitcher Tim Wakefield, who takes the mound in Game 4 tonight, and tries like hell to get the Sox a win, to even this series out. As is always the case, he will either pitch a 2 hitter, or give up 9 runs…He is opposed by Andy Sonnastine. 1st pitch 8:07pm…

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