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  • October 13th, 2008

    Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay 9–In 11 Innings:
    You didn’t really think it could be that easy,
    did you?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:59 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    While walking out of the Trop with a split was more than the Sox could hope for, as Tampa Bay has dominated them there, (They only won 1 game, started by Daisuke no less) I was more surprised that the win came at the hands of a brilliant 7 inning scoreless outing by Daisuke (although he did up my Maalox intake on Friday with the 4 walks) than the abysmal outing by Josh Beckett (4 1/3 innings, giving up 8 runs on 9 hits (inducing THREE Home Runs!) while walking 1 and striking out 5.)

    From Josh: “…Like I said, I think it just comes down to execution. [I] left too many balls over the plate. I know the home runs were not good pitches. I went back and looked at those. Those weren’t good pitches. I think if you look at most of the other hits they got with runners in scoring position, they probably weren’t very good pitches.”

    And he is completely adamant he is not suffering any ill effects from his elbow impingement, or his oblique strain–but do you REALLY think he would actually admit there was something wrong with him, while the Sox are in the midst of a pennant race?

    A Study in Contrasts:

    Beckett in 2007: 6-2 with a 1.93 ERA

    Beckett in 2008 (so far): 0-0 (2 no-decisions), with an 11.57 ERA…..


    What I am MOST confused about is that Terry Francona felt the need to keep Josh in the game long enough to actually give up those 8 runs…It was obvious from the get go he had nothing–why prolong the agony? Paul Byrd was in the bullpen, and I cannot imagine he could have done much worse than Beckett…And then perhaps he would not have had to bring in Timlin to lose yet ANOTHER extra inning game–which seems like that’s all he does anymore….

    Some good news tho–Dustin Pedroia is back and ready to kick some ass: After an horrendous ALDS where he only got 1 hit in 17 at bats, Pedroia broke out on Saturday night, going 3-5 (inducing TWO homers in a row) scoring 4 runs and 2 RBI’s. Having him continue this production can only help the Sox….

    And yes, last week I said that the idea of have the ALCS on TBS rather than Fox, because then we would not have to listen to McCarver and Buck blather away, would be a good thing. Never thought I would welcome the blather, but after listening what TBS considers scintillating color commentary–not to mention the fact that in the ALDS, they were decidedly Pro-Angels, and in the ALCS? Yep, decidedly Pro-Rays. After it happened in the ALDS, I thought, “OK, maybe they just really like the Angels” But apparently, they just dislike the Sox. And do not even get me started on their on the field guy Craig Sager. Who freaking DRESSES him?? Elton John? He has worn blazers and ties that define belief–like he got dressed in the dark…UGH…..

    And while I was watching the games this weekend, I was ASTOUNDED to see these folks with Rays shirts and jerseys on, looking all angst-ridden and nail-biting during the tense moments–are you KIDDING me? You have been a fan for probably about THREE WEEKS, and never gave a crap about the Tampa Bay Rays, as evidenced by the fact that I think Saturday night was the 1st time EVER the Trop was filled. So sorry, being a fan because they are in the postseason does not give you the right to be filled with angst–PUH-leese…..

    And the Dodgers have decided to make the NLCS at least a bit more interesting. After losing the 1st 2 games in the series, they jumped back into the action (and jumped all over Jamie Moyer who could not even get out of the 2nd inning) with a 7-2 drubbing of the Phillies in last nights contest. There was even a brawl, which of course, Manny made a point of being in the thick of….Can no one else see this “I’ll be a GREAT teammate, until they pay me what I want, and then I’ll quick on them” ACT???? The Dodgers/Phillies play 2 more at Dodger Stadium. The Phillies lead the series 2-1….

    Coming up: An early evening game at Fenway Park, the 1st of 3 at the Fens, with Jon Lester taking the mound vs Matt Garza–hopefully Jon is the same as he has been–brilliant. 1st pitch: 4:37pm

    Go Sox!

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