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  • October 10th, 2008

    October 10, 2009:
    A Day of Red Sox Postseason Baseball!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:08 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    After 4 days of waiting…about freakin time…

    Daisuke! Lester! Beckett! Wakefield! There you have it folks–the rotation for the 7 game series that is the ALCS. This seems to make the most sense as well, in terms on rest between starts–with Daisuke and Lester getting 6 days, Josh Beckett gets 5…From Tito: “The reasoning is actually pretty simple. It gives people rest – not too much rest, not too little. It’s probably the best way where we don’t have one guy going on eight, one guy going on regular … keep everybody somewhat in line.”

    Interesting to note that the ONLY game won by the Sox at Tropicana Field during the 2008 regular season, was won by Daisuke….

    And, if the series goes to more games than that (and you know it will–this is going to be a LONG series) Games 5-6-7 will be started by Daisuke, Lester and Beckett, respectively…

    The only problem is, which Daisuke will be we get? The “I wanna throw up, because he walked 89 guys and threw 478 pitches over 5 innings” type of guy, or the “Brilliant, 7 inning, 0 run” type of guy… Anybody’s guess…

    Lets just hope the bats are around, specifically Big Papi’s (who has had a .320 average over 26 games in the Postseason), and Dustin Pedroia, who was 1-17 during the ALDS–the Sox need more from both to be successful…

    While I will certainly be disappointed if the Sox do not advance, I will not be heartbroken. Its like the games against Cleveland last year–I want the Sox to win, but if the Rays advance, good for them, and I will cheer fro the in the World Series

    Let’s get ahead of ourselves, and think about potential World Series possibilities:

    Red Sox vs Dodgers: The one everyone wants to see (except for me.) I have nothing against the Dodgers personally, and I agree with my friend Gere that it would be nice for Torre to win, as it would be a HUGE F**K You to the Skanks. But the thought of Manny being rewarded for his horrendous behavior, makes me sick to my stomach

    Red Sox vs Phillies: The lesser of two evils, as the Phillies make me slightly less nauseous….

    Tampa Bay vs Dodgers: Less revolting than a Sox Dodgers Series–but I will still be rooting for Tampa Bay, for the reasons above….

    Tampa Bay vs the Phillies: Y…A…W…N…But I will still root for Tampa Bay…

    Looks like pitching, and Mike Timlin are back in for the ALCS–which makes sense, as it’s a longer series. I am just SO concerned for Timlin’s effectiveness…He is replacing Gil Velazquez, who was added to the ALDS roster when Mike Lowell went down…42 year old Timlin, who has played in the majors for 18 years and has 4 World Series rings (2 with Boston and 2 with Toronto, was 4-4 with a 5.66 ERA in 47 games in 2008.

    The finalized rosters will be released today…

    The NLCS began last night tonight at 8:37pm in Philadelphia, with the Dodgers and the Phillies playing. Old friend Derek Lowe was opposed by Phillies starter Cole Hamels. Fortunately, Pat Burrell and Chase Utley came up big with homers for the Phils, and helped them win 3-2. Of course 1 win means nothing right now, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction… They play their 2nd game today at 4:35pm.

    Coming up TONIGHT (Finally!): 8:37pm, Tampa Bay, Game 1, ALCS, Daisuke vs James Shields–Be there….

    Tick Tock Tick Tock…

    2 Responses to “October 10, 2009:
    A Day of Red Sox Postseason Baseball!”

    1. Eric says:

      So dissapointed in beckett and tito. Tito felt the need to take out lester earlier but wont take out beckett after giving up 6 runs, several doubles, and hrs. I know the sox doesnt have a good bullpen that can last several innings. But take the man out, we dont want another 2003 pedro.

    2. Christine E. says:

      Hi Eric:

      Thanks for your comments–and I could not agree more–Beckett had no business going back out there after it was clear he did not have it…

      2003 Pedro (shudder)

      Go Sox!

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