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  • October 7th, 2008

    Red Sox 3, Angels 2:
    Going to the ALCS!!!

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:07 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Holy Buckets! What a GREAT game last night! It had all the traits of an instant classic–a nail biting pitchers duel for more than 1/2 of the game, a ace who comes up HUGE for the 2nd time in as many starts, crazy plays, a closer that was not available, and two players who more than cemented their place in Red Sox Lore….

    Jon Lester once again came though in the clutch, throwing 7 innings of brilliant, no run, 4-hit ball. He threw 109 pitches, 69 for strikes, while walking 2 and striking out 4. His 7 innings of work last night, combined with his previous postseason start, give him 14 innings of scoreless postseason ball–and an ERA for the the ALDS of…ZERO…Can we say Josh Beckett at when HE was 24??? And I reallyREALLY think he has the potential to not only be as good as Beckett, but to be one of the best left handers of his generation….

    I cannot even tell you how bummed I am about Mike Lowell, but it takes a bigger player to do what is best for the team, and take himself out, allowing the Sox to add Gill Velazquez, who, after over 1000 games in the minors, is now on board with the Sox as the get one step closer to defending their World Series Title…From Tito when asked about Lowell’s pain getting worse: ” I think [Sunday] night, it’s a long game. It’s cold. He had to dive to his right. He had to dive to his left. He got pushed a little bit. I think that definitely aggravated it a little bit. I think he’s a little frustrated. Nobody questions his toughness. It’s just getting difficult for him to be a baseball player right now.”

    Dustin Pedroia picked a hell of a time to break out of his 0-15 slump, with the double that scored ‘Tek in the 5th inning. And what is is crediting his success to? Kevin Cash’s bat. He borrowed it because: “Because I thought my bat didn’t have any more hits in it. and his bat definitely has some hits in it.” And in case you were wondering. Kevin Cash hit .225 this season…

    And Varitek’s single in that scored Mark Kotsay for the 1st run of the game? His 53rd in his postseason career with the Sox, tying, you guessed it, Manny Ramirez, for 2nd place. GUESS who is 1st with 56? Yup. Mr Clutch Hitter himself, Big Papi…

    And what about that wacky play in the 9th Jason Varitek? Not the fastest player on the team, Jason broke up a attempted suicide squeeze play by running Reggie Willits BACK UP the 3rd base line, tagging him, falling, with the ball falling out of his glove in the melee. Fortunately, he held onto it long enough to get the out. If Willits had scored, then Jed Lore’s fabulous walk off single that scored Jason Bay from 2nd, would have only tied the game…and who knows what would have happened…

    And how ’bout the fact that Jason Bay was such a part of this integral win??? When he came up to bat, I was thinking to myself, “How cool would it be if Jason jacked a homer right here, and got the walk-off?” But when he got that ground rule double (which, if it had not gone into the stands, could potentially have been an inside the part homer run) and Jed Lowrie came up, I just had a feeling the kid would come up big, as he has so many times this season–and did he, hitting a single into right field, which was just deep enough for Bay to score….

    NOW can we keep Jed Lowrie and GET RID OF LUGO? Please Theo???

    So now its the Sox and the Rays and the Dodger and the Phillies who will make up the ALCS/NLCS. The only one out of those 4 I accurately predicted was Tampa Bay–the rest, abysmal…

    My predictions for the Championship Series? For what its worth:

    Dodgers in 6 (as much as it pains me to say it….)

    Tampa Bay in 5 (again, I think they have the Fates on their side…)

    I know, I know, ye of little faith…..

    So Curt Schilling is talking about perhaps wanting to come back and pitch a 1/ 2 season next year, under the right circumstances: “I won’t come back for a full season, that much I know. “If I do decide to come back I would work to the point I was ready and somewhere around May 1 let the teams know I wanted to pitch the second half. I’d obviously need to spend June in the minor leagues building it all back up and then hopefully come back and help a team in contention win a World Series.” I have an idea–I think Schilling and the Sox work out a deal where he pitches for them next year, and if he makes more than 8 starts, they pay him $1 million a start. Up to that point, the 1st 8 are free…Sort of like a rebate for this year…

    Coming up: Yeah, I know 3 more days until we have meaningful baseball again–but that is certainly better than no meaningful baseball until APRIL. The Sox and Tampa Bay face off on Friday night at Tampa Bay. I am thinking Daisuke will get the start, but nothing official yet. 1st pitch is 8:37pm…

    One Response to “Red Sox 3, Angels 2:
    Going to the ALCS!!!”

    1. Mitch says:

      That was just the perfect way to win that game, and, well, I was so glad my wife was already in bed so she couldn’t see me jumping up and down like a 13-year old. LOL

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