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  • October 2nd, 2008

    Red Sox 4, Angels 1:
    A Much Needed Win…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:34 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    After losing 8 out of 9 against the Angels, and despite the fact that the Sox have pretty much owned them in the Postseason, I still had my doubts about this series–but last night’s win did a TON to alleviate those apprehensions.

    And believe me, there were apprehensions. But, not surprising, Jon Lester was brilliant, throwing 7 beautiful innings of 6 hit, 1 run (which was unearned) while striking out 7 and walking 1.

    And Justin Masterson (who I still think belongs in the starting rotation) and Papelbon combined for 2 dominant inning, giving up only 3 hits, while Papelbon struck out 3….

    And can I tell you haw NICE it was that Jason Bay was the man who put the Sox in front for good, with his 2 run homer in the 6th inning. It’s his 1st postseason, and you KNOW he has to be hearing all the “Manny Ramirez in the postseason” crap–but he is not letting it affect him. He is playing within himself, not trying to do too much…he even brilliantly slapped down (in a classy and polite way) the moron who interviewed him after the game, and who was going on about how he was brought in to “replace Manny Ramirez”,  basically telling that he its not his job to replace Manny–his job is to be the left fielder for the Red Sox, and play the best baseball he can…

    Now, it’s quite possible that the Angels could win the next 3 in a row, and the Sox will be home playing golf by the end of next week. But beating the Angels in their house is HUGE (The only game the Sox won against them in the regular season this year was at Fenway….)

    And can I tell you how happy it made me to see Mike Lowell and JD Drew in the lineup–although even time Mike Lowell moved, I cringed, worrying that his hip was going to fall off and run screaming into the night…Both Mike and JD played the whole game, and both went 0-4 with a strikeout…

    While I am happy about it, I am very surprised the Sox decided to go with only 10 pitchers, and leave Timlin off the ALDS roster. Mike Timlin has come up VERY big for the Sox in the past–but I really think, now that he has broken the record for most appearances by a right handed pitcher (and has NO chance of overtaking the lefties for the most appearances of all time) and he has 4 World Series Rings (and the potential for a 5th, if the Sox pull this off) that maybe its time to call it a career, before you get REALLY awful…

    Did anyone else notice the NLCS/ALCS schedule? While all of the NLCS games will be televised on FOX–NONE of the ALCS games are–they are all on TBS. If the Sox make it to the ALCS, how COOL will it be not to have to listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver??? Probably has it in their contact that unless the Skanks are playing, they dont want to call them, as then they dont have anything to talk about, since they cannot gush about Jeter and the like…although the Skanks not being in a game has never stopped McCarver from talking about them… I know I am getting WAY ahead of myself, but IMAGINE….

    I am wondering when/of we will see DO in the broadcast booth, as he was not announcing the  Dodgers/ Cubs or the Sox/Angels games yesterday. But the announcers for the Sox game were quite pro Angels–not as bad as the Skankee lovefests from years past–but I felt a definite Angels slant to the whole thing…

    Toady is the day where the rubber will meet the road–or where Josh Beckett will throw his 1st side session since injuring his oblique last Friday. Having completed his long toss work yesterday (although he was a bit stiff prior to the work), the session is the next step. If all goes well, Josh will be pitching in Game 3 on Sunday, in the Fens…

    Coming up: An off day today for the Sox, but Tampa Bay plays their 1st postseason game EVER, against the White Sox in Tampa–too bad the game starts at 2:37pm–I would have liked to see that game…

    If your interested in NL action (Hey, there are some people who do) at 6:07, the Phillies take their 1 game lead (won 3-1 yesterday) in the series into game 2 with the Brewers, and at 9:37pm, the Dodgers take their 1 game lead (won 7-2 yesterday) into game 2 with the Cubs…

    3 Responses to “Red Sox 4, Angels 1:
    A Much Needed Win…”

    1. Allan says:

      I’ve never been convinced that the Angels are any good. They have a nice record, but they got to beat up on the AL West. Boston is going to go all the way! I’m only concerned about the Rays next. If we can beat Tampa Bay, we’ll run over the Dodgers or the Phillies.

    2. Christine E. says:

      Hi Allan:

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to Boston Red Thoughts!

      At least with the Angels win last night, it made a bit more interesting–but one win is enough..:-)

      Hopefully they will dispatch with the Angels tonight, and prepare to meet whomever in the ALCS (I think it will be the Rays as well…)

      Go Sox!

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