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  • Archive for September, 2008

    Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay 0:
    Well, They won’t be swept…

    On the day the Sox broke the major league record for consecutive sell outs at 456, it is only fitting they would get a win… And this win moves them to 1/2 game (1 in the loss column) even closer to winning the AL East and getting to the postseason… AND, with Minnesota being off […]

    Red Sox 7, Rangers 2:
    Back to the 2/3’s thing again…

    Even though there was no sweep to be had, the Sox won their 6th series in a row this weekend, thanks to some stellar pitching from Josh Beckett (5 inning of no-run, 4 hit ball, while walking 0 and striking out 7) and last night from Paul Byrd (6 2/3 innings of shut out 3-hit […]

    Red Sox 5, Oreos 4:
    Finally! A Sweep!

    After 5 tries, the Sox have finally gotten over the whole only winning 2/3 of a series hump–and it was a close one. It took a throwing error from the cookies to get the 9th inning walk off win–but it’s sometimes better to be lucky than good–so we’ll take the win. And with their 82nd […]

    Red Sox 14, Oreos 2:
    Winning Another Series….

    Last night’s win caps the 5th series in a row that the Sox have won–but they have swept none of them–Hopefully they will be able to close the deal in today’s contest and finally take care of Baltimore–and if they can’t, that is not good, since Baltimore is dead last in the division, 12 games […]

    Red Sox 7, Oreos 4:
    Great way to start the final month…

    With 27 games to go, and 18 of them at home, the Sox got off to a good start, beating the woeful Oreos last night–Let’s just hope they can continue to beat up on them, and everyone else they need to…But I am concerned that the Sox just don’t seem to have that “go for […]

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