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  • Archive for September, 2008

    Red Sox 3, Toronto 0:
    Clinching at home…

    With the last road trip of the Regular Season completed for 2008 (The Sox went 3-3 in that span), The Boston Red Sox will be able to do something they have not done in a while–clinch a spot in the Postseason at home. There are 7 games left to play, and the Sox Magic # […]

    Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay 10:

    Holy Buckets! How does a pitcher do a complete 360 in the span of 3 starts??? September 6th: One of, if not the worst outing of Wake’s career…Against Texas–A 15-8 loss: 1 2/3 Innings pitched, giving up 7 runs on 4 hits, while walking 4 and striking out 1–and using 49 pitches to do it […]

    Red Sox 1, Tampa Bay 2:
    Well, THAT was disappointing…

    Apparently, the role of Tim “I pitch REALLY well, but get no run support” Wakefield is now being played by Josh Beckett–and he pitched about as well as anyone could expect, going 8 innings, and only giving up the 1 run, a homer to, who else, Carlos Pena. Speaking of Carlos Pena, a guy I […]

    Red Sox 13, Tampa Bay 5:
    Sharing 1st Place…

    Big Papi (3-run blast), Mike Lowell, Jason Bay, and Jacoby Ellsbury (each a solo shot), Jason Varitek and Kevin Youkilis (each a 2-run shot) –in total 6 homers in 1 game, contributing to 10 of the 13 runs the Sox score in last night’s shelling of Ray’s ace, Scott Kazmir (3IP, giving up 9 runs […]

    Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 4–in 14 innings:
    Kissing the AL East Goodbye….

    I stayed up until Mike Timlin came into the game, and then knowing EXACTLY WHAT WOULD HAPPEN, I went to bed. And I awake this morning, and I look at the scores and see that Mike Timlin, who is tied with Kent Tekulve for the most relief appearances ever by a right hander with 1,050, […]

    Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay 5:
    Not Surprising in the least….

    Once again, the Sox cannot deliver the death blow against a 1/2 decent team (or the Skanks).THIS was the opportunity to get into 1st place for the 1st time since JULY–and this was a cluster from beginning to end: Starting with Vintage Daisuke: 5 innings of 102 pitch ball (61 for strikes), giving up 3 […]

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