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  • September 26th, 2008

    Red Sox 6, Cleveland 1:
    The Final Weekend of the 2008 Campaign

    Posted by Christine E. at 2:42 pm in General Comment (1)

    This is getting more and more surreal….

    Wild Randomness on the eve of a meaningful series with the Skanks–but not in the way we are used to…

    The Sox won again, backed by a superb outing, if not WEIRD outing by Jon Lester, where he went 6 innings, giving up a run on 2 hits, a wild pitch, a BALK, and hitting Grady Sizemore. He also walked 1 and struck out 2. He threw 86 pitches, 55 for strikes, and took a no-hitter into the 6th inning. It got so far that Tito was actually rooting AGAINST the no-hitter, so Jon would not have to pitch the complete game, thereby driving up his pitch count, when the playoffs begin next week…

    Masterson, Okajima and Papelbon (though I don’t know why he would be other there) each threw a scoreless/hitless inning, striking out 1….

    And Tampa Bay lost again, which means the Sox are STILL in the hunt for the AL East–with 3 games to go–with the Skanks….

    How long do you think it has been since the Skanks have been in the roll of SPOILERS??? So these games could have meaning–at least for now….

    Of course, once the Sox lose one or the Rays win 1, it’s all over, as the Rays Magic # is 1.

    Looks like there is also potential for rain delays and rain outs both tonight and tomorrow for the Sox/Skanks series. Again, as long as the Rays keep losing, the games need to be played/made up. If the Rays win tonight, any missed games will probably not be made up, as they will not have any bearings on the standings….

    JD Drew was not in last night’s lineup, but it was only because the Sox have chosen to be conservative in their approach with rehabbing the right fielder. It also did not help that JD was stiff the morning after he made his 4 inning start on Wednesday night: “It just didn’t feel like a good idea. After I woke up, I was a little stiff, didn’t want to take a chance messing it up.” The plan is get him back in the lineup tonight–but with the rain coming, they may not….

    But someone who is insisting they WILL be in the lineup tonight is Mike Lowell. After taking batting practice before last night’s game, Tito is hoping Mike will be the DL in tonight’s contest (Big Papi could use a night off) and then get the start at 3rd tomorrow or Sunday…

    In an effort to have as many options as possible, Bartolo Colon has been moved from the Suspended List to the Restricted List–which essentially restricts him from pitching again this year. This move frees up a place on the 40 man roster, which will be filled by Pawtucket infielder, Gil Velazquez, who hit .260 with the PawSox in 2008…

    Johnny Pesky’s Number Retiring was supposed to be tonight before the game (already has the TiVo ready!) but, because of the rain, it has been postponed to 1:15pm–right before Sunday’s game, which begins at 1:35pm…

    So the Dodgers made it to the Dance, clinching the NL West last night–and the mere thought of the CRAZINESS that would ensue should the Sox and the Dodgers (however unlikely) get to the World Series, (i.e.: the Manny crap) makes me nauseous….

    BUT, I am very happy for Joe Torre, as it must be sweet indeed for him to returning to the postseason, while the Skanks stay home….

    I was reading my ESPN the magazine last night, and in the September 8th issue (I am a little behind…) there was a Page 2 article about numbers and sports called Screw the Math: Taking you so far inside the numbers you’ll never find your way out. And one entry literally made me laugh out loud:

    Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano is undefeated when he pitches on 501 days of rest.

    Funny stuff…

    So Mike Mussina will pitch against Tim Wakefield on Sunday–and sits on a 19-9 record. If he wins on Sunday, it will be the 1st time he wins 20 games in his career…I want the Sox to light….him…up…Does that make me a bad person?

    As always, let’s break this weekend down:

    If the Sox Sweep: They finish the season 97 and 65, are going to the Postseason (Possibly as the AL East Champion) and the Skanks are playing golf on Monday…

    If the Sox Win 2: They finish the season 96 and 66, are going to the Postseason (As the AL Wildcard), and the Skanks are playing golf on Monday…

    If the Sox Win 1: They finish the season 95 and 67, are going to the Postseason (As the AL Wildcard), and the Skanks are playing golf on Monday…

    If the Skanks Sweep: The Sox finish the season 94 and 68, are going to the Postseason (As the AL Wildcard), and the Skanks are playing golf on Monday…

    And in case you were wondering–The Sox have not made it to the Postseason without the Skanks since 1990…

    Tonight: If it doesn’t rain, Daisuke goes for his 19th win and kicks off the final series of the regular season–and between the Sox and the Skanks. Alfredo Aceves (???) pitches for the Skanks. 1st pitch 7:05pm…The YES commentary should be VERY interesting this evening….

    Hey! Have I mentioned that, no matter what happens, the Sox are going to the post season, and the Skanks are going home?????

    One Response to “Red Sox 6, Cleveland 1:
    The Final Weekend of the 2008 Campaign”

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