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  • September 23rd, 2008

    Red Sox 3, Cleveland 4:
    Oh, there WILL be a clinch…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:51 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    …It just did not happen last night…

    This was one of those games where everything seemed to line up: Beckett on the mound, a crappy 0-3 fill-in pitcher for Cleveland (he replaced our #4-5 starter, Paul Byrd!) and the Sox were hitting (12 hits in all) BUT, it just seemed like they were always that one big hit away from cracking the game right open. All told, 12 runners were stranded by the Sox in last night’s contest…

    This was also a night when Josh Beckett struggled a bit, going 6 innings giving up 4 runs on 7 hits while walking 1, hitting 3, throwing a wild pitch and striking out 6. He threw 105 picthes, 67 for strikes in the outing…

    Still in a holding pattern for Mike Lowell and JD Drew, although Lowell seems to be getting better, and has a greater potential to get back into a game soon. From Tito on Lowell: “…he is improving and definitely going straightforward. So again, I don’t know if it’s rapid improvement, but its improvement. I’d rather him say that than it’s still the same. We’ll just keep monitoring him and do the best we can.” And on Drew: “If you’re asking if I’m writing J.D. off, no, It would be nice to get at-bats in a perfect world…(there is) a lot of time left for things to happen, so we wouldn’t want to write anything off.” Looks like we wait to see if the 2nd epidural for JD, given to him, yesterday, will help, and continue with some more rest for Lowell, maybe getting into Thursday’s game–as a DH, as hit hitting is not impacted by the hip injury, just his fielding…

    Random Thought # 24,567: And how ’bout the fact that the Sox would have been royally screwed with Coco Crisp–and all of us (myself includes) were clamoring for him to be traded…

    And now, Tampa Bay enjoys a 2.5 game lead, which is actually a 3.5 game lead, because if the Sox and the Rays have identical records on Sunday, Tampa Bay wins, because they won the season series (same crap that happened a couple of year ago with the Skanks…)

    Did I mention that the Sox will clinch if they win won more game–or the Skanks lose one? Did I also mention that the 3 games that the Sox play with the Skanks this weekend are pretty much meaningless? And, one more thing–Did I mention that next Monday, the Skanks will doing something else, cause they such as hell will not be playing baseball…HA HA….

    Coming Up: Tim Wakefield–hopefully we will see the “brilliant” Wake, as opposed to the “abysmal” one…But clinching with a win tonight may be tough, especially with Cliff Lee on the mound for Cleveland. Yes, Cy Young Award Heir Apparent, with his 22-2 record. And did I mention the Sox are notorious for giving no run support to Wake? Ohhhh boy….. 1st pitch 7:05pm….

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