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  • September 2nd, 2008

    Red Sox 7, Oreos 4:
    Great way to start the final month…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:22 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    With 27 games to go, and 18 of them at home, the Sox got off to a good start, beating the woeful Oreos last night–Let’s just hope they can continue to beat up on them, and everyone else they need to…But I am concerned that the Sox just don’t seem to have that “go for the throat” killer instinct to put teams away. They should have swept both the Skanks and Chicago—and they could not close the deal…and that concerns me–Bigtime…

    Paul Byrd put in another competent outing, giving up, once again, 4 runs, which seems to be the magic # for him…In 7 innings of work, throwing 84 pitches, 57 for strikes, he gave up 7 hits (including 3 homeruns) while walking 1 and striking out 4.

    And since both Minnesota and Tampa Bay were off last night, the Sox gained ground against them, to 3 ahead of Minnesota, and 5 games behind Tampa Bay. The Skanks, with their win, gained a game on Tampa Bay (to make it 12 games) and nothing on the Sox….and their chance of making it to the Post Season is less than 2%–HA HA…

    The only good thing about a bunch of players being on the DL, is that eventually, they will all come back–and its looks like barring any unforeseen, Mike Lowell may be joining Josh Beckett when he returns to the Sox for this weekend’s series against the “Dark Bright Blue Team” (aka the Rangers). Having taken his 1st batting practice yesterday since being on the DL with an injured right oblique, he was very happy with his progress. From Mike: “I thought it went great.” No pain. I was kind of curious — I think you take a little more of a violent swing outside than you do in the cage… be able to do what I did more than one day. I think if I can do that tomorrow, more than one day, I’ll be able to increase the number of swings each day. I really have felt nothing negative … in all the steps.”

    And can I just tell you how RELIEVED I was when I read that Josh Becket does not have any type of ulna nerve or tendon damage? Holy Buckets! In anticipation on his return Friday night, he has been doing long-toss, and will throw his bullpen session today. From Tito: “We always reserve the right to make a change but I don’t anticipate that happening. I think he’s revved up about it and I think we think all systems are fine to go. We might hold him short a little bit because it’s been a little while but getting him back started, even if we have to hold him short, would be fine.” Josh has not pitched since August 17th, where he went 2 2/3 innings…

    Yesterday was the day that the Sox were no longer hampered by the 25 man rule, as the roster’s expanded as they do every year on September 1. But, with so many of the regular players on the DL, alot of the minor league players are already playing for the Sox–so they did not feel it necessary to bring anyone up at this point. The Sox are also considering the fact that both the PawSox and the Portland Sea Dogs (AA) have made the playoffs, and do not want to do anything to impact that, unless necessary. They still have the option to call players up throughout the month of September…

    Some possibilities include Michael Bowden (who had a great major league debut in Friday Night’s win), Clay Buchholz (no! no!) and Bartolo Colon, who is pitching well for Pawtucket, as they continue to stretch him out for starting duties. His most recent outing was 6-inning win yesterday, giving up only 1 run on 4hits….

    Hey! Did you hear? Fat Boy Roger’s smartass son, Koby, was arrested on Sunday, and was charged with disorderly conduct in the parking lot of a restaurant in Virginia. He was with 2 of his minor league teammates, Mark Ori and Jimmy Goethals. All 3 play for the Astro’s minor league team, the Salem Avalanche. From the Astros: “Based on the feedback and information we get from the court appearance, we will make a decision as to what disciplinary action will be taken.” Yeah, OK….

    Coming up: Jon Lester takes the mound in game 2 of this final series against Baltimore. 1st pitch 7:05pm. Radhames Liz gets the start for the Cookies…

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