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  • August 20th, 2008

    Red Sox 7, Oreos 2:
    Another ulcer inducing win..

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:24 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    I know, the results are desirable, so I guess the end justifies the means–but…HOLY BUCKETS…

    This line is a contradiction, to say the least…5 Innings pitches, throwing 105 pitches!, 60 for strikes, which could account for the FIVE WALKS. He also gave up 6 hits and had 6 strikeouts–but the end result is only: TWO RUNS

    So, basically, if we went with 21 pitches (!!) per inning he threw, to throw a complete game at that rate, he would have to throw an astounding 189 pitches!

    And, this really does not seem to bother him–but then again, throwing a 100 pitch side session on one of his in between days is perfectly acceptable–to him anyway…MAJOR weirdness..

    Like he said: “It doesn’t matter if the bases are loaded or not, my job is to not let the runs score.” Try telling that to the HOLES in my stomach from when he pitches…

    But THIS Made me feel better: While Mike Lowell rehabs his right oblique, the Sox may be looking for someone else to help out Youk and Sean Casey–who would be better than MARK LORETTA??? Apparently the Astros may be willing to trade him. It appears that the Rays are also looking at the 2006 AL All-Star, since Eva(n) Longoria out with a broken wrist, but as he would need to be placed on waivers before any deal could be negotiated, and the Sox are behind the Rays in the Standing (STILL very weird to say that), the Sox could pick him up for themselves, or, at the very least to block the Rays…

    Speaking of weird stuff: GUESS who may be starting for the Skanks this weekend? CARL PAVANO…I thought his arm fell off, or some other such body part…Can we send along a fruit basket to that girlfriend of his who insisted he sign with the Skanks instead of the Sox, cause she was a Skankee fan? GREAT move on her part–and a thousand thanks from Red Sox Nation…

    I had a feeling there was something wrong with Josh Beckett when he got shelled on Sunday. Now it is coming out that he has tingling/numbness in his right hand–on his last two fingers. Because of this, his start was pushed back 3 days to next Tuesday, for the 1st game of the Skankee series. While he believes it’s because he slept on his hand funny on Saturday night, he has also had this flare up, on and off, for a while. From Josh: “Yeah, it’s just something I’ve been dealing with. At some point and time, just have to figure out what the [heck] it is…Obviously there’s something going on. It feels alright. I just have some numbness in fingers that obviously I’m not used to having. As far as pain goes, there’s not very much pain at all with it. It’s just, like I said, you have to figure out what it is or it gets so bad to where it gets to be a really bad problem. It’s something that we’ve dealt with. Like I said, I’ve never had to deal with it on that level. It’s something we’ve monitored over time. It hasn’t ever festered [like this] until now.”

    Well, that is SUPER not good–I have the same thing, on my left hand–and its ulnar nerve impingent/damage. I take Advil/anti-inflammations and it goes away, until it comes back–its usually worse in the cold, and when my hands are tired. But I am not a pitcher, nor am I a surgeon–but I fear this will be a Tommy John thing…

    After being admitted to Mass General yesterday for chest pains, Carl Yastrzemski, who turns 69 on Friday, had triple bypass surgery last night. His family released this after the successful procedure: “…After numerous tests and evaluations, it was determined that he needed triple bypass surgery, which was performed this afternoon. The surgery was a complete success and he is resting comfortably. We are most grateful for all of the prayers and support we have received.” Feel better Yaz!

    JD Drew was out again last night with his back issues, but apparently is getting better. Hopefully he’ll be back in the lineup for tonight–as we could use all the offense we can get…

    Coming up: That Clay Person will be closing out this final series in Camden Yards this year. Dont hold out much hope that the Sox will get the sweep in this series…For those of you who are betting folks, check out baseball betting or MLB Odds for more info…Buchholz is opposed by Chris Waters. 1st pitch 7:05pm

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