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  • Archive for August, 2008

    Red Sox 2, Skankees 3:
    Par for the Course….

    I know, I said I would be happy if the Sox took 2 out of 3 from the Skanks this week, and the possibility of the Skanks coming back and actually getting to the post season are VERY slim (less than 3% at this point)…BUT… I lied–I wanted the Sox to give the death blow […]

    Red Sox 11, Skankees 3:
    Winning the Series….

    Holy Buckets! What a FUN game that was last night! A rout, when you are on the giving end, is always fun, but when it’s the Skanks on the receiving end… And one of the best things about beating the Skanks? Is their commentators, who usually fall all over themselves going on about the Skanks, […]

    Red Sox 7, Skankees 3:
    Easing the Pressure Off…

    Whew! Not only was that a great game, with a super outcome–last night’s win immediately took the pressure off the Sox, and placed it squarely on the shoulders of the Skankees… There is no way the Skanks can sweep the Sox, and after last nights contest, there seems to be ALOT more wrong with this […]

    August 26, 2008:
    The Beginning of the End–In more ways than one…

    As the Sox are on tap to play their final 3 games in “old” Skankee Stadium (known as “The Toilet” in some circles), they are in the position to slam the door completely on the Skankee bid for the 2008 postseason. Let’s break it down: The Rays, Sox, or Skanks all had the night off […]

    Red Sox 6, Toronto 5–In 11 Innings:
    Pulling a Series Win…

    …Right out of a hat… Like we needed yet ANOTHER reason why Jed Lowrie NEEDS to be the everyday shortstop. In the 11th inning, Jed, who has hit ONE other homer since being in the bigs–that one was May 10th in Minnesota, came up HUGE in yesterday’s game, hitting a solo shot off of Blue […]

    Red Sox 6, Oreos 11:
    Saw THIS loss coming from a mile away…

    I am just SO GLAD the Sox FINALLY did what they should have done about 4-5 loses ago–demoted Clay Buchholz to the minors–to Double A Portland no less. His record with the Sox for the 2008 Campaign? 2-9–with a 6.75 ERA…UGH… This line: 2 1/3 IP, giving up 5 Runs on 3 hits while walking […]

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