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  • Archive for July, 2008

    Home Run Derby:

    Holy Buckets! 28…homers…in…the…1st round… As I mentioned yesterday, I was cheering for Josh Hamilton to win the Homerun Derby, and while he lost to Justin Morneau, 5-3 in the final round (where both hitters start from zero–which is a bogus, crappy rule…) He hit 28 homers in the 1st round, obliterating the Bobby Abreu record […]

    Red Sox 2, Oreos 0:
    Wrapping up the 1st 1/2 of the Season…

    While it’s not technically the 1st 1/2 of the season, as the Sox have already played 97 games, its close enough.  So at this 1/2 way point, time to do some assessments: They are and are 57-40 at the break, which translates into a .588 winning % and the 4th best team in the bigs. Not to […]

    Sports Handicapping:
    Some Tips on Choosing the Best Ones…

    Over 35 years ago, in the early 70’s, handicapping services available to the general public were few and far between, with only a handful of companies offering the service. Fast forward to 2008 and there are thousands of services out there, some offering everything from “80-90(and more) percent chance of winning every time, or “can’t […]

    July 11, 2008:
    Boston Red Thoughts Post #500

    Back in May 2006, I started a blog about the Boston Red Sox. I figured that I had something to offer in terms on my baseball knowledge, and since I think I am reasonably entertaining, it would be fun. Did I ever think that over 2 years, and a World Series win (the 2nd in […]

    Red Sox 18, Twins 5:
    And that would be a Sweep…

    How come I never get to see these kinds of games??? Sure, I get to see the one run losses, or the nail biter Jonathan Papelbon-giving-up-hits-and-barely-squeaking-on-by stuff…But when there is a potential TRIPLE PLAY and 23 hits, it’s when I am not able at actually watch the festivities…. And this game had BOTH of these. […]

    Boston Red Sox Fan Site:
    A Community of Sox Fans…

    As a member of the Red Sox blogging community, I like to go out and look at and for new and interesting Red Sox sites, and when I find ones I like, I talk about them, the ones I don’t like, not so much…(hey, beauty is DEFINETLY in the eye of the blogger…) So when […]

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