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  • Archive for July, 2008

    Red Sox 4, Seattle 2:
    Finally, an outing worthy of a win!

    Fortunately, last night’s game was not one of those Daisuke appearances that has you chewing on your arm by the middle of the 4th inning… Not that I was actually up by then, after staying up late the night before to watch Jon Lester pitch, I was sound asleep before the 4th inning…and its too […]

    Red Sox 4, Seattle 0:
    Definitely a step in the right direction…

    A game the Sox absolutely needed to win, especially since both the X-Rays and the Skanks won their games last night. This win kept things exactly as they were–while not the best case scenario–much better than then worst… Thanks to Jon Lester’s STELLAR shut out performance (7.1 IP, throwing 103 pitches, 75 for strikes, giving […]

    Red Sox 3, Angels 5:
    A Whole Sweeping Weekend of Suck…

    Holy Buckets! I am so glad I did not watch too much baseball this weekend…. I wanted to, I really did. I sat down at 10:00pm on Friday, all excited to be watching baseball for the 1st time since Sunday. And THAT excited and happy feeling soon faded as Clay Buchholtz gave up run…after…run…after…run–EIGHT in […]

    July 17, 2008:
    Nope, still no baseball…

    Well, meaningful baseball anyway. The Sox are on their day off today, traveling to the Left Coast so they might play some baseball in the middle of the night… So, some VERY random thoughts as we wade though another day without the Red Sox:

    American League 4, National League 3:
    And that makes 12 in a row….

    Since the National League won in Philly in 1996, the American League has won 11 games (the 12th was the infamous tie in 2002). So, once again, the American League has home-field advantage for the World Series, as they have for every year since the “prize” was implemented in 2003… Can I just say how […]

    A look back:
    Preview: The 2008 Boston Red Sox

    I wrote this back in March for Razzball. So, in honor of the only day of the year where no profesional sport is played, I offer you this perspective of the Boston Red Sox from nearly 4 months ago, when the season had not even begun yet, and we were all anxiously awaiting the start […]

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