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  • July 25th, 2008

    July 25, 2008:
    Boston Red Thoughts…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:54 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Waiting for the Sox and Skankee Series to start–you know the one they are billing as bigger that the 2004 and 2003 ALCS’s combined? Thought I would just muse on some stuff:

    199 AL players were polled in the June 28 Sports Illustrated issue. The question? “Who will be MVP of your League?” And their answer?

    74% Josh Hamilton (Guess he impressed everyone at the Home Run Derby…)

    13% Manny Ramirez

    5% Alex Rodriguez

    8% Everyone else

    Yeah, I was surprised too…but that is WAY cool…

    So, I am a little behind the curve as far as comings and goings in Skankeeland, so I just heard last night about the Skanks acquiring Richie Sexson last weekend after Seattle released him and his $15.5 million contract. This is the freaking FUNNIEST thing I have heard all year. The Skanks pick up a reject from a team that is 60-30 this year. A player that is making $15.5 MILLION dollars–and is batting .216–This is a VINTAGE Skankee move–overpaying for an aging player past his prime…HA HA HA–freaking cracks me RIGHT up!

    And the Skanks are in meetings this week, and are actually CONSIDERING Barry Bonds! With Matsui and Posada both injured and probably heading for season ending surgery, they are debating the merits–He is an AGING Superstar they can overpay for–I don’t see how they can resist. While the thought of having to look at Barry Bonds when we play the Skanks is quite revolting. (The Sox play 6 more after this weekend–3 in August and 3 in September) The thought of them having their payroll go higher and higher is rather amusing….

    The moment we have all been waiting for: David Ortiz is back! Brandon Moss was optioned to Pawtucket last night to make room fro big Papi, who will claim his rightful place as DH and 3rd in the lineup for this evening’s festivities. It will be interesting to see if there are any other changes to the lineup (moving a slumping Jacoby Ellsbury) and if Manny is going to decide to play…

    In the 53 days Big Papi was away, the Sox went 26-19…

    And, as always, let’s go to the blackboard and look at how things could go this weekend:

    Since Tampa lost last night to the KC Royals, they are currently tied for 1st place with the Sox in the AL East standing, with both teams having a 3 game lead on the Skanks.

    If the Sox Sweep (COULD happen–just not LIKELY to): The Skanks will be 6 games behind the Sox, and life would be GREAT

    If the Sox win 2: The skanks will be 4 games behind the Sox, and life would still be pretty good…

    If the Sox win 1: The skanks will be 2 games behind the Sox, and I am getting a little nervous…

    If the Sox win 0 (or, a Skankee Sweep): The skanks will be TIED with the Sox in the standings–and I am reserving my spot on the Tobin Bridge….

    Now, I know that each team will win 1 game—but I am on the fence as to who will win the 3rd. I think I would have to say the Sox, as they are so amazing at home, having only lost 11—yes ELEVEN! games at Fenway…)

    Coming up: Josh Beckett kicks off the 9 game home stand with the 1st of 3 against the Skanks (who have won their last 6 in a row.) Joba Chamberlain gets the nod for the Skanks…and interesting factoid about Beckett—He pitches better against the Skanks:

    ERA against everyone else: 3.98

    ERA against the Skanks: 3.92

    Everyone else’s BA against Beckett: 2.49

    Skankee BA against Beckett: .205

    1st pitch: 7:05pm

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