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  • July 17th, 2008

    July 17, 2008:
    Nope, still no baseball…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:46 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Well, meaningful baseball anyway. The Sox are on their day off today, traveling to the Left Coast so they might play some baseball in the middle of the night…

    So, some VERY random thoughts as we wade though another day without the Red Sox:

    There was some talk about this during the All Star Festivities, but I was hoping it would just go away–no such luck. When Manny speaks, even if he says something stupid, it’s mega-newsworthy. And I think we can say the whole thing just SMACKS of stupidness. From Manny: “…I want to sit down after the season with ownership and see what my future is going to be in Boston…”Anybody, but I don’t want no more (expletive), like they always do where they tell you one thing and they do another. I’m getting too old for that game…I’m in the driver’s seat. If they don’t pick it up, I’m a free agent….”

    There was also some talk about how he has “earned this respect” I’m sorry, Manny, how exactly have you earned this respect? Here are my top 3 “favorite” Manny moments–and I am going with 3, cause there are FAR TOO MANY to list:

    1. You more than likely quit on this team in 2005, when they needed you to step up.

    2. You were too sick to play against the Skanks that weekend in 2004, but well enough to go to dinner with one of them.

    3. You SHOVED traveling secretary Jack McCormick, a 64 year old man, because YOU made an unreasonable request he could not fill. I don’t care if he is/was not bothered by it (like we would ever know if he was…) IT…WAS…WRONG…

    Freakin SPARE me, Manny…I really hope you get your sit down, and the Sox brass tell you that your services are no longer desired nor required…

    The Sox have 31 games left to play on the road–the rest (35) are at Fenway. Hopefully the dismal road play (21-29, or .420 winning %–YUK) will right itself–at least to the .500 mark. Isn’t that the saying? .500 on the road and do well at home, and the rest will take care of itself?

    For the 1st time since 2000, when the team won a gold medal, the USA has qualified for Olympic Baseball. Any player not on the active 25 man roster of any major league team is eligible to play, so 14 AAA, 7 AAA, 1 A and 1 collegiate player make up the 24 man roster that will travel to Beijing for the start of the games on August 8th…While no one in the Red Sox organization has been selected, one more player will be chosen before the deadline on Tuesday, so anything is possible…

    More evidence?: Apparently convicted “steroid shipper to the Stars” Kirk Radomski has found some overnight slips that he is saying are evidence that Roger Clemens has HGH sent to his home…From Brian McNamee’s lawyer: “Radomski sent a package to Clemens. Apparently, from what we understand, Brian (McNamee, Rogers trainer at the time) did not sign for it even though he requested HGH for Clemens and/or his wife…when he went to check Debbie, Clemens had the HGH all laid out for him. That’s contrary to Clemens’ testimony in front of Congress. So, once again, the slip corroborates Brian’s truthfulness.” Uh oh….if this turns out to be truth Roger is in a HEAP of trouble, as he is still being investigated for potential federal perjury charges because he told Congress during the hearings he never used illegal performance-enhancing drugs. He is also suing McNamee for the allegations he has made…

    Coming up: Clay Buchholz vs John Lackey in Anaheim, to kick off the 2nd 1/2 of the season. 1st pitch 10:05pm

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