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  • July 11th, 2008

    July 11, 2008:
    Boston Red Thoughts Post #500

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:21 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    Back in May 2006, I started a blog about the Boston Red Sox. I figured that I had something to offer in terms on my baseball knowledge, and since I think I am reasonably entertaining, it would be fun. Did I ever think that over 2 years, and a World Series win (the 2nd in 4 years!) later, that I would be writing my FIVE HUNDRETH POST? Not even a little bit.

    But here I am, and hope to be here for at least another 500. To those who read me, and to my long and impressive list of batterymates–I have made alot of friends in the last 2 years, and I am grateful for every last crazy one of you. Thanks for everything…

    So, Tampa Bay lost again last night, which means the Sox picked up a 1/2 game in the standings, bringing them to 1.5 out of 1st place (the Skanks are 6.5–HA HA). So, going into this 3 games series, the Sox have the potential to be in the 1st place in time for the All-Star Break (that is, if Tampa Bay continues to lose…)

    Heard a GREAT quote with regards to Barry Bonds and the Sox “I wouldn’t let him in Fenway Park if he had $20.00 for a bleacher seat” Yep, that is pretty much how I feel about it as well. I was talking with a friend of mine (and fellow Sox fan) and he said “Just think about the possibilities–with Barry Bonds they would be unbeatable” and I disagreed, I brought up the fact that one man is never responsible for a World Series win–if that was the case, the Sox would have never had a 86 year drought, not with Pedro in 1999, Ted Williams, Yaz, Fisk, or 100 others I could name. How many times did we hear “Oh, the Skankees signed _________(fill in the blank), They are a LOCK to win the World Series” Also, think about the fact that Barry Bonds has played 20+ years in major league baseball, on some very good teams, and STILL HAS NO RING TO SHOW FOR IT. All of these reasons are very compelling arguments against signing him, and I haven’t even touched on the whole cheater/crappy human being stuff…MOVING ON…

    In a record 47.8 million votes (more than double last year’s count of 23.1 million) Thankfully, Eva(n) Longoria of the Rays was elected to be the Final Man on the All-Star Roster for the AL, with 9 million votes. The rest were:
    Jermaine Dye (ChiSox)

    Giam-Bo the Porn Star(Skanks)

    Brian Robert (Oreos)

    Jose Guillen (KC)

    The winner of the NL was Corey Hart (Wasn’t he a singer in the 80’s?) of the Brewers, and the ranking of the rest:

    David Wright (Mets)

    Par Burrell (Phillies)

    Aaron Rowland (San Fran)

    Carlos Lee (Astros)

    Josh Beckett’s fundraiser “Beckett Bowl” was last night, raising over $325,000 to help underprivileged children in the Boston Area. Many Red Sox players attended the event, including John Henry, Jon Lester, Javier Lopez, Mike Timlin, Mike Lowell, Tim Wakefield and Jacoby Ellsbury. There were also players from the Patriots, Celtics and Bruins represented…I wonder who won the “Beckett Buddy” Raffle? Cause it wasn’t me…

    Coming up: Clay Buchholz kicks off the 3 game series against the Baltimore Oreos to wrap up the 1st 1/2 of the 2008 campaign–and then we have FOUR DAYS OF NO MEANINGFUL BASEBALL–at Skankee stadium no less (shudder). Brian Burres gets the start for the cookies. 1st pitch 7:05pm

    And, if you are going to the game tonight or tomorrow, The Red Sox Foundation and NESN are collecting packages of new white athletic socks for Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, where doctors and nurses provide medical care to the homeless in Boston. If you’re not at a game this weekend, but out and about in Boston, you can drop off packages of new socks at any Dependable Cleaners through the end of the month of July. This is the 3rd year the foundation and NESN have partnered with BHCHP for the sock drive.

    3 Responses to “July 11, 2008:
    Boston Red Thoughts Post #500”

    1. Ted D says:

      Happy 500th post, Christine!

      You’ve got a great blog and you should be proud. 🙂

    2. Boston Knucklehead says:

      Isn’t the blogging infectious? Congratulations!

    3. wickedpissadude says:

      Congrats Christine on #500. We all knew you’d make it!! Not sure any of us expected the Red Sox to make it to 1st place by the break, but they did…Congrats to them too!!

      Sign our petition to end the discussion and officially name Boston Titletown USA.

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