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  • July 10th, 2008

    Red Sox 18, Twins 5:
    And that would be a Sweep…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:08 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    How come I never get to see these kinds of games???

    Sure, I get to see the one run losses, or the nail biter Jonathan Papelbon-giving-up-hits-and-barely-squeaking-on-by stuff…But when there is a potential TRIPLE PLAY and 23 hits, it’s when I am not able at actually watch the festivities….

    And this game had BOTH of these. I cannot even remember the last time some actually executed a triple play–last year maybe? There is usually about 1 a year…But here is how the one that almost did–didn’t…

    In the 7th inning, Jason Varitek (who hopefully is coming out of his slump) hits a ball to center, with Sean Casey on 2nd and Mike Lowell on 3rd, and the runners take off. Denard Span slid for the ball, and despite the fact that it bounced right in front of him, tried to make like he caught it–and then he throws to 2nd base and then to third base to double and triple off the runners. At that point, the umpires were calling it “…an 8-4-5 triple play–for now.” Fortunately, when they all got together, they realized the ball bounced before it went into Span’s glove, the call was reversed, and ‘Tek got his hit, an RBI single, Mike Lowell scored, Sean Casey is on 3rd, and Twin Manager Ron Gardenhire nearly pops a blood vessel arguing the call, which lead to him being throw out of the game….Probably a good thing too: 7 runs in the 7th and 4 more in the 8th–no reason you would actually want to watch that if you are the Twin Manager…

    The last time the Sox score a TON of runs like this? Back in 2003 when they lambasted the Marlins and score 25–ANOTHER game I missed….

    Fortunately, all of this happened on a day that Josh Beckett was less than sharp, only going 5+ innings (throwing 104 pitches, for 67 strikes) and giving up 5 runs on 8 hits (including 2 homers) while walking 2 and striking out only 2.

    And how bout YOUK gets another error??? His 3rd this year, (1 was at 3rd base) the 1st in over a month–and only his 2nd at 1st base since 2006…Yeah, that is mildly confusing…

    Talk about a quandary: The Skanks are playing the Rays this week, so who do you root for? The Rays to Beat the Skanks, and they the Sox cannot move up in the standings? Or the (gulp) Skanks, who, if the Sox win, aren’t going anywhere in the standings, but by beating the Rays, are allowing the Sox to creep closer to once again leading the AL East? The Sox have picked up 3 games in the last 3 days to move within 2 of the Rays…So while I cannot actively root for the Skanks, I am glad the Sox are in a better position than they were on Sunday…

    So what do you think THIS means??? The Sox will be shutting Bartolo Colon down until after the All-Star Break. From Tito: “We’re going to back him off until Friday (after the All-Star Break). We got him out to 120′, he started going to 130’. He’s still feeling it a little bit. I think what our concern is, all of a sudden a guy is going to throw different, especially if you start getting out to where you’re throwing it, and then he’s going to hurt his arm. I think we felt we like we were fighting it. We didn’t want to go this route, because it’s just not the right thing to do.” Perhaps if he lost like 75 lbs that would help with the oblique issues–ya think? The pitcher had been out of commission since June 17th…

    And in some good news on the rehab front: Big Papi will start taking batting practice with the batting machine, which will more closely simulate game conditions. He is hoping to start a rehab assignment in Pawtucket sometime next week…Whooo Hooo!

    Don’t forget, you have until 5:00pm EST Today to cast your “Final Man” ballot. Remember Porn Star Giamb-O is on the 5-man ballot–so vote for someone else–like Eva(n) Longoria: Here are the others:

    Jermaine Dye (ChiSox)

    Jose Guillen (KC Royals)

    Brian Roberts (Baltimore)

    Since there is no game on tonight, if you need something to do, the Season Premier of Burn Notice is on USA–I just started watching this a few weeks ago (I crammed Season 1 in about 2 weeks) and its one of the smartest and funniest shows I have seen in a long while–and Jeffrey Donavan is very easy on the eyes. And for you guys, there is his female partner “Fi”, played by Gabrielle Anwar, who is the reason my husband watches the show. And of course, The Closer is back on Monday, on TNT…

    Coming up tomorrow: Clay Buchholz will kick off the final series of the 1ts half of the season–before the FOUR DAYS OF NO MEANINGFUL BASEBALL. Brian Burres gets the start for the Oreos. 1st pitch 7:05pm.

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 18, Twins 5:
    And that would be a Sweep…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, somebody turned a triple play this season. The Pirates maybe?

      Great game yesterday, and Gardenhire lost his ever loving mind when they called it a trap. Which it definately was. As much as I hate off days, I really think the Sox could use one right now. Nice to see Tek and Manny swinging the bat well also.

      Take care,


    2. Spike says:

      Call me wind because I am abotsulely blown away.

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