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  • July 9th, 2008

    Boston Red Sox Fan Site:
    A Community of Sox Fans…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:30 pm in Baseball,Red Sox,Review Comments (2)

    As a member of the Red Sox blogging community, I like to go out and look at and for new and interesting Red Sox sites, and when I find ones I like, I talk about them, the ones I don’t like, not so much…(hey, beauty is DEFINETLY in the eye of the blogger…)

    So when Ashley, the Webmaster of the Boston Red Sox Fan Site contacted me to tell me about the site she runs, and ask me to check it out and give her some feedback, I could not wait to stop by.

    If you are looking for a place that is fairly new where you can get in on the ground floor of a new Red Sox Community, (less than a thousand members so far…) this is a great place to start.

    Part of a HUGE network of fan community sites for all of MLB, as well as basketball, football, hockey, and other sports, BRSFS allows fans of all types of sports to connect with each other and share their opinions.

    This network of sites was created by a web developer from California who goes by the name of “Sports Fan”. His goal in setting up this community was the hope of “finding other passionate sports fans who want to post blogs and share ideas about their favorite teams.” Unfortunately, his e-mail is the only contact info available–for the whole network, which means the more traffic it gets, the more difficult it may be to get through if there is a problem, or if you have a question. I hope, as time goes by, they will flesh out their contact system a bit more…

    To get the complete feel for the site, I needed create an account. So, I entered my User Name and e-mail address, and was instructed to wait for an invitation that would come via e-mail, stating it would be valid for 7 days. I waited about 12 hours, and then sent an e-mail to Ashley,(fortunately, I had her e-mail address) asking if the invite had been lost. She got back to me within the day with my invitation (it had gotten lost), I logged in and I was all set to go…

    I set up my profile, and then looked around. Since this Red Sox Site is fairly new, there isn’t a ton of stuff yet, but what is there is very well written, and alot of it is hysterical! The nice thing is that you can also join other team/sports sites and post on their team pages without having to join each individual site.

    Unfortunately, since it is such a new site, all of the individual team pages felt very “cookie cutter”–like alot of the “Blogger” sites do. I am not sure that is something that will be changed, and I am hoping that this is just because the site is still fairly new. But having the Red Sox site look different than the Tampa Bay Site, or the KC Royals site would do alot to differentiate it from the 1001 other community sites out there.

    I would also like to see some sort of search function, allowing you to search by author, or keyword and the like…

    Overall, there is some interesting info, and you can get as involved as you choose to. My only issues were with the lack of contact info, and the formulaic feel of the overall site, but certainly nothing that would keep people away–and again, alot of my issues may be because it is so new. And I am very interested to see where they go with it, so check them out!

    2 Responses to “Boston Red Sox Fan Site:
    A Community of Sox Fans…”

    1. Ted D says:

      18-5. That is unreal. It’s like some beer league softball score. What a great 3 game series they just finished.

      I’m going right now to check out the site, Christine. Anything you endorse I at least owe it to myself to check out.

      Hope this finds you and yours well,


    2. Kayleen says:

      At last! Someone who unddestanrs! Thanks for posting!

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