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  • July 8th, 2008

    Red Sox 1, Twins 0:
    Well, it’s about time…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:37 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    I know there has been other occasions that Daisuke has pitched deeper into games, but didn’t last night’s game feel like the 1st time in a LONG while? His line: 7.1 Innings, giving up 0 runs on 6 hits while walking 3 and striking out 5. Daisuke threw 108 pitches 71 for strikes… Unfortunately, his Twin counterpart, Scott Baker did just as well, pitching 7 scoreless innings…

    This was a nail biter of a game, with each team pretty much mirroring the other–one would have the bases loaded with no scoring, then the other, one would get a double and not have them score, then the other. Fortunately, Manny decided to participate in this game and hit the game winning single (his 2nd of the game) in the 8th inning, which scored the only run of the contest…

    Progress, not perfection–but definitely headed in the right direction: For he 1st time since he partially tore his left tendon sheath in his wrist on May 31, David Ortiz took batting practice on the field yesterday. From Big Papi: “When I start swinging, I get a little sore, and then when I keep going, I start feeling better and better. It’s just like in this type of particular injury, that’s the way it goes…I have to be patient. I don’t want to be stupid about coming back. I don’t want to come back and not be ready and get things worse…This kind of injury is tricky. You’ve got to be smart about it.”

    Well, it looks like Clay Buchholz, who has been mowing them down in Pawtucket will be returning to the bigs fairly soon, as Justin Masterson has been optioned to Pawtucket to start preparing him to be a reliever, rather than a starter. From Tito: “We wanted to, at some point, get Clay back here and get into the rotation. We also think getting Justin acclimated to the bullpen really gives us a chance to really help our club.” Masterson’s next start was to be this Friday against the Oreos, which is expected to go to Buchholz…

    Curt Schilling, two weeks removed from his season-ending shoulder surgery, was out and about, raising awareness for wife Shonda’s SHADE foundation yesterday, has this to say about his rehab: We’re in the initial phase of my rehab. Whether I was a plumber or a pitcher, I’d have to do it just to have use of my shoulder and arm. There’s no real critical decision-making point for a good five, seven or eight weeks from now, until I need to decide whether I want to progress past the normal surgery rehab into very specific job rehab and we’ll figure that out then.” Curt signed a 1 year, $8 million contract with the Sox over the winter….

    Coming up: Game 2 of the 3 games series (leaving 4 more until the All-Star Break and no Red Sox baseball for 4 DAYS!!!) with Jon Lester throwing 1st pitch at 7:05pm. Nick Blackburn gets the start for the Twins…

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