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  • July 4th, 2008

    Red Sox 7, Skankees 0:
    Doesn’t get much better than this…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:49 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Holy Buckets! Was that a most excellent game or WHAT??? I just KNEW Jon Lester would go the distance–after the bullpen implosions lately, I didn’t think he would want ANYONE messing with his cake and screwing up this masterpiece of a game…

    A complete game 5-hit shutout for Lester, who struck out 7 and walked 2.  All while throwing only 105 pitches, 72 for strikes–and the 2 walks were the 1st 2 batter of the game, and then he settled down completely, and actually had a 4-pitch inning! Daisuke, are you taking notes????

    So I am watching to game on YES (as Direct TV will not let me watch even ONE Skankee/Sox game on NESN…they are the devil) and they are nearing the end of the game , and it time for people to text in and vote for the player of the game–and here were the choices:


    JD Drew


    Dan Giese

    Dan Giese? Are you kidding me? My husband and I nearly fell off the couch laughing. I wanted to text in and vote for him–that way he would have at least 2 votes-one from me and one from his mom–My husband wanted to go the write-in ballot route–and vote for our youngest cat, Salem…

    OK, I think I have been VERY patient for long enough–but ONCE AGAIN, Julio Lugo has his head up his ass, and blows yet ANOTHER play. This one wasn’t an error (shockingly enough) and did not lead to anything, but rather that throwing the ball to Pedroia and letting him turn the double play, he runs like 12 feet to 2nd base, steps on the bag, and then throws it, and doesn’t get Abreu at 1st. These mental mistakes are inexcusable. It’s bad enough that technically he sucks, by MENTALLY as well???

    Some of the highlights in last night’s game:

    Jeter’s throwing error in the 1st that lead to 2 unearned runs…

    Andy Pettitte’s face after Jeter’s throwing error in the 1st…

    The fact that Johnny Damon throws like a girl (strangely enough, this wasn’t at all amusing when he played for the Sox…)

    The fact that John Damon is looking rather bloated–perhaps the long hair made him look thinner…

    JD Drew’s PEREFCT catch to rob Posada of a hit–ran back, had exactly enough room, made the catch, and without missing a beat, starting running to the dugout–and then Posada trying to say the ball hit the wall..

    We did not see the bullpen…all…night

    Jason Giambi looks like a PORN STAR with that mustache–and there were actually pathetic souls who are wearing fake ‘staches at the game…Does Giamb-o actually think this is a look that is working for him? Although he did look a lot less..greasy tonight–maybe it’s the mustache…

    Wilson Betemit’s last name spelled backwards is Timeteb–which is what my husband called him all night..

    There is no possible way the Sox can be swept in this series, nor can the Sox be any less than 2 games ahead the Skanks on Monday morning…

    Every time A-Fraud came up to bat I would start chanting Madonna’s name like Robin Williams did in “The Birdcage” when he was talking about all the great choreographers–(its about 2:53 into the bit ) but if you have never see this movie–you NEED too…

    Coming up today: Josh Beckett, who pretty much OWNS the Skanks, takes the mound in game 2, opposed by Darrell Wayne Rasner. I think I can speak for all of Red Sox Nation when I ask the question–who the HELL is Darrell Rasner??? 1st pitch 1:05 pm…

    On behalf of Boston Red Thoughts and all of us at NEPABlogs: Happy 4th of July!

    Go Sox!

    One Response to “Red Sox 7, Skankees 0:
    Doesn’t get much better than this…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Lester was cool as the other side of the pillow last night.

      So far, so good for the boys today.

      Happy 4th, Christine.

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