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  • July 3rd, 2008

    Red Sox 6, Tampa Bay 7:
    Does anyone have a hand basket?

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:16 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Remember how I said yesterday that if things go horribly wrong, that the Sox and the Skanks could be sharing 2nd place behind the Rays? Well, after last night’s debacle, that reality is getting more real by the day…

    And it’s not like Dustin Pedroia didn’t try to carry the team on his back, to single-handedly try to avert the sweep. He went 4 for 5 with everything but a single to hit for the cycle, and a 2nd double…

    Unfortunately, Daisuke was vintage Daisuke, throwing 5 innings (and 101 pitches, 55 for strikes). While he only gave up 1 run on 2 hits, he did the whole “nibbling thing” again with 5 walks (including 3 in the 1st inning!) and 5 strikeouts–49 pitches in the 1st 2 innings–49 pitches!!!

    Which then opened the door for the latest vaudeville act: the Imploding bullpen. Okajima actually did very well in his 1 inning of scoreless work, striking out 2 and only giving up 1 hit. But then MDC came out for the 7th and it was 3 hits in a row and 3 runs score (and no outs) and then Craig Hansen comes out and does his best impersonation of the “2005 Craig Hansen” with 2 walks and a hit–and 3 runs score (dont ask) By the time Aardsma and Javier Lopez came out to get the 3 outs in the inning, SIX runs has scored, and Tampa Bay was ahead for good.

    And you should have seen Eck last night in the post game show–I thought he was going to pop a blood vessel–it was very funny to see him go off on Daisuke and his too many pitches and too few innings, and the fact that Hansen can’t find the plate with a flashlight and a map…Good stuff…

    So this weekend has the potential to be cool or dreadful, or a little bit of both–lets break it down:

    Today: Sox are 3.5 games behind Tampa Bay (shudder); The Skanks are 7.5 (and 4 behind the Sox. Since we don’t know what Tampa Bay will do over the next 4 games, we’ll just focus on

    If the Sox sweep: The Skanks would be 8 games (yes, EIGHT!) games behind the Sox–which would be WAY cool–but totally unrealistic, given their play as of late.

    If the Sox win 3 out of 4: 6 games ahead–still VERY cool…

    If the Sox win 2 out of 4: Everything is canceled out, and they remain at 4 games ahead (something I could completely live with)

    If the Sox win 1 out of 4: 2 games ahead–Not great–but a lead is a lead…

    If the Sox get swept: Yep, you got it: tied for 2nd place…UGH…

    And here is a cheering thought: Against AL East teams on the road the Sox are currently 14-3…Holy Buckets!

    From the “We reallyREALLY need him back Department”: Big Papi is progressing nicely, from hitting off a tee, to being able to hit soft tosses. He will continue on this path until the training staff thins he is ready for the next step: Hitting real pitching. From Big Papi: “I don’t know, I’ll probably be hitting in the field maybe when I get back to Boston. It all depends on how I feel. This is kind of a weird injury, and it’s because one day you feel really good, and another day you feel kind of weak. It seems like you have to do what the trainers tell you to do and just hang in there.” He has been out of commission (as we are all painfully aware), since May 31st…

    And in a move that surprised absolutely NO ONE, JD Drew was named the American Lead Player of the month for June. This is the 1st time in his career he has won the award. During that span, JD hit .337 with 12 homers, 2 triples and 7 doubles, walked 21 times and 27 RBI’s during that month–and his .848 slugging % was the highest by a Boston player in recorded history…

    And in the spirit of “why can’t we all just get along??” a little something from our friends at eTrueSports to get us all ready for the next 4 days: Top Eleven Great Things Yanks and Red Sox Can Do Together –check it out!

    Tonight: Game 1 of the 4 games series against the Skanks. Jon Lester vs Andy “I have 32 “T’s” in my last name” Pettitte. 1st pitch 7:05pm…

    One Response to “Red Sox 6, Tampa Bay 7:
    Does anyone have a hand basket?”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine! No sweep by the Yankees. In fact, I think the boys are good and ticked off about all this and they stop the bleeding tonight.

      Go Sox!

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