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  • June 30th, 2008

    Sports Betting:
    More than just “Place Your Bets!”

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:11 pm in Sports Betting/Handicapping Comment (1)

    While I know a bit more than I did this time last year with regard to the world of sports betting and online- gaming–there is still a TON of info I have no idea about. So I went back to the trusty Ask and this time I got 11,640,000 hits, which is a little less than double the hits I got the last time I checked–so apparently, despite the fact that everything else is increasing in price–people are still doing the gambling thing–maybe its to pay for the $4.00 gallons of gas, or the soaring cost of everything else?

    So, in my research, I also discovered that sports betting isn’t just about placing a bet, an calculation spreads and the like. Of course you can still bet on NFL and MLB, but you can also play poker online, in what is called a Poker Room. Here, you can play against thousands of players at hundreds of table. There are also tons of tournaments people can participate in.

    There are also Casino Areas which offer everything you could possibly imagine. From Blackjack to Caribbean Stud Poker to Rock’n Slots to Pai Gow, everything you can get in a real casino is available online. You even have the option of playing completely online, or downloading free software. Casino Linesmaker is one of the sites that offers these options. Started in 1997, Linesmaker offers everything from soup to nuts, and is one of the industry leaders with a very diverse offering. They can eve cover a bet up to $1 million!

    So, if you are interested in getting your feet wet in the world of on-line gaming/sports betting, or playing some poker, or any other such casino game, be smart, do your homework, and remember, please gamble responsibly

    Good Luck!

    One Response to “Sports Betting:
    More than just “Place Your Bets!””

    1. wzory tatuazy says:

      It is nice to see someone so good at blogging. HaHa! I try to spend time on blogs where I am able to learn a lot of new stuff. With this blog, not only the design is great, but so much of the information appears to be interesting and helpful. I have absolutely had a good time here and have walked away with things I did not know before.

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