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  • June 10th, 2008

    June 10, 2008:
    40 and 26…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:55 pm in Baseball,Giveaways,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    And 26-6 at home…Not quite the 40 and 17 the Sox had back in 2002, but we all know how THAT ended–missing the playoffs totally, so at this point, I am more than happy with this record, for a ton of reasons…

    Despite the fact that everyone and their brother has been injured (some more than others) this team is managing somehow to get it done–someone steps up in every game and helps makes things happen…and it is GREAT to see…

    All Star Update: Big Papi still leads the DH’s (and is the top vote getter in the AL with over 1.2 million+ votes) after 3 weeks of voting, although there is a good possibility he will be unable to play anyway…Manny Ramirez leads the outfield voting, with Josh Hamilton (no one more deserving than he, in my opinion) and Ichiro (who is slumping badly, with a BA in the 250’s so far this year…Youk and Dustin Pedroia also lead their respective positions, as does Jason Varitek, although Joe Mauer is quickly closing in on ‘Tek…

    Daisuke, who is eligible to come off the DL on Thursday, is definitely making progress, having made 60+ throws from 180 feet yesterday. More catch today, and then he will have his 1st bullpen session tomorrow. Changes are he will also have a rehab start or two at Pawtucket before coming back to the Sox…

    So last night I was reading my ESPN the Magazine, and they had a panel of pro athletes from all sport voting on different things (hardest sport/etc) and I look at this panel, of probably about 100 players–And I see ONE from the Sox, Jacoby Ellsbury–but there must have been at least TEN from the


    Speaking of Skanks–how is THIS for beautiful?  And its very weird as well.  Who’da thunk that TAMPA BAY would be anywhere near 2nd place…  The Oreos and Toronto being in last place is not super suprising, but the fact that the Skanks and them are sharing the cellar ALL TOGETHER….

    Two words: HA HA

    2 more days left to enter to win the Boston Red Sox Essential Games of Fenway Park DVD I am giving away. For every comment you leave here at Boston Red Thoughts, you get is an entry in the DVD sweepstakes. I will draw the lucky winner on Thursday morning, before I leave for Boston.

    Couple of ground rules: 28 “I love Boston/The Sox/Big Papi/Etc” comments are SPAM–and will be deleted. It’s a random drawing–no matter how much you plead that you/your friend/your dog/your friend’s dog/etc are most deserving to win, its doesn’t matter…and please feel free to comment on other blog posts–not just the giveaway one. Any comment this week, on any post, is eligible to win….

    That being said–Good luck–and start commenting!

    Coming up: The Sox kick off the final portion of this homestead, with 3 games against the Baltimore Oreos (one of which I…will…be…at… Josh Beckett gets the start tonight, opposed by Daniel Cabrera, in an earlier start that originally scheduled (Thursday’s has been changed as well) 1st pitch 6:05pm…

    2 Responses to “June 10, 2008:
    40 and 26…”

    1. wickedpissadude says:

      HA HA, the Skankees are in a dead heat for last place. In all seriousness though, how can they not at least be ahead of the Orioles. No offense to my man KMillar, but let’s be honest, the Orioles are horrible. Well, I guess in turn, so to then are the Yankees!! HAHA They stink!!

      Papi is in the lead for DH’s in the all star balloting, but my only hope is that he doesn’t play. I’d like to see him stay on the DL until after the break. Really heal up to make a run at back to backs.


    2. Christine E. says:

      Hey guys:

      Thanks for your comments, and the kind words…:-) Yeah, the Skankees being all kinds of dreadful is very amusing. I never count them out tho (unfortunately) because they always seem to turn up again, like a bad penny…

      The Sox just need to keep winning, and the rest will take care of itself..:-)

      Josh on the mound tonight–so I like our chances..:-)

      Go Sox!

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