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  • June 9th, 2008

    Red Sox 2, Seattle 1:
    Does Masterson REALLY need to go
    back to Pawtucket?

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:33 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (5)

    Another start, another 6 innings, another GREAT outing. Justin Masterson makes a very compelling case to be able to stay with the big club, Unfortunately, there really isn’t any else that can take the demotion, either because the Sox are paying them too much, or they are out of options….and this kid needs to pitch, not languish in a bullpen. So it looks like when Daisuke is better (which will probably not be on the 12th when he is eligible to be reactivated) Masterson will go. But the Sox will get at least another start out of him before then–he is slated to pitch on Friday night in Cincinnati…

    His line for yesterday’s game: 6IP, giving up only the 1 run on 3 hits, while striking out 3 and walking 4. He threw 88 pitches, 57 for strikes. Also, he is the first pitcher EVER to go unbeaten in his first four starts at Fenway Park. And, did I mention he is 23? C’mon mom, can’t we keep him?

    Looks like Jacoby Ellsbury should be back sometime during this upcoming series with the Oreos–hopefully he will get the start on Thursday–much rather see HIM that Coco…From Jacoby: It’s feeling a lot better each day. Big improvement. That’s good. I didn’t hit live, but the tee work went fine. I was sore, obviously. But I feel good.” He is currently the strongest contender for Rookie of the Year, with 28 stolen bases, 43 runs scored, and a .284 BA. He just makes things happen when he is out there…

    And, hopefully, Manny will be able to get back to left field, as on Friday, the Sox begin a 6-game road trip–to National League Parks–where there is no DH…

    Speaking of DH, David Ortiz got a new cast over the weekend, which is much shorter than the one he start out with, only reaching to right below his elbow. Big Papi went on the DL on June 1st with a torn ECU (extensor carpi ulnaris) tendon sheath and there is still no timetable for his return.

    And with Big Papi out, JD Drew has really stepped it up. Not only was he responsible for all the runs the Sox scored yestwrday, but, since June 1, he has hit safely in every game the Sox have played, and is hitting 14 for 27, which is a .519 Batting average. He is also hitting .318 so far this season…

    Because of Jon Lester’s 5 game suspensions for the Coco Crisp/Rays debacle last week, he and Bartolo Colon will be switching starts, which means, unless it rains, Jon Lester will get the start for the game I will be at…Whooo Hoooo!!

    238 and done: We all knew it would happen, but it was a heck of a ride. Kevin Youkilis made an error in Saturday’s game, dropping a throw from Alex Cora (I am just glad it was not Lugo who screwed it up for him). Before this error, which was the 1st one in 238 games, since July 4, 2006 (yes, 6!) he executed 2,002 chances at 1st base…

    You still have 3 days to enter to win the Boston Red Sox Essential Games of Fenway Park DVD I am giving away. For every comment you leave on any post here at Boston Red Thoughts (no SPAM, please) is an entry in the DVD sweepstakes. Then, on Thursday morning, before I leave for Boston, I will draw the lucky winner at random. Good luck–and start commenting!

    Coming up: An off day today, then the Sox kick off the final portion of this homestead, with 3 games against the Baltimore Oreos. Josh Beckett gets the start Tuesday night, opposed by Daniel Cabrera. 1st pitch 7:05pm…

    5 Responses to “Red Sox 2, Seattle 1:
    Does Masterson REALLY need to go
    back to Pawtucket?”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, Masterson may not stay this year, but the future looks pretty good, eh? Taking 2 of 3 is a lot better than 1, and the boys get an off day to celebrate.

      Have a GREAT trip this weekend!

    2. Christine E. says:

      Hey Ted:

      Yeah, the thought of Lester, Buchholz, Masterson in the rotation for the next 10 years, and Jacoby patrolling the outfield…How freaking COOL is that??

      Cannot wait for Thursday–I hope to take lots of pictures to share

      Hope you are well…

      Go Sox!

    3. Ted D says:

      Don’t forget Pedie at 2nd and Papelbon in the 9th. 😉

    4. Christine E. says:

      You are right, of course..and lets throw in Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss (I really like him!) for good measure

      I saw that Josh Hamilton is still in 2nd place in the All-Star voting–I cannot think of any outfielder more deserving that him…:-)

    5. wickedpissadude says:

      Hey Christine, it’s my first time commenting on your site and I really like it. I hope you’ll be able to check out our site.

      That being said, I think you are right about Masterson, but therein lies the beauty of the 2008 Boston Red Sox, they are so deep. Just look at what JD is doing since the loss of Papi. Someone gets hurt, someone else steps in. We can afford to send people back to Pawtucket and then bring them up in a crunch. I LOVE THIS TEAM!!


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