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  • June 7th, 2008

    The Boston Red Sox
    Essential Games of Fenway Park

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:25 am in Product Reviews,Red Sox Comments (42)

    So, what if I told you that there is a DVD collection out there that offers six of the most amazing games ever to be played at Fenway Park? You’d be interested, yes?

    Well, guess what, THERE IS. The Boston Red Sox Essential Games of Fenway Park–a 6 DVD set, which comes in this very cool tin case, has all the games every Red Sox fan will want to watch again and again.

    Here are the games/historical moments in Red Sox History…:

    September 30, 1967, vs the Twins: Yaz hits hisBOS EssentialGamesDVD-15 44th homer of the season to tie the Sox for the lead in a four-team AL pennant race.

    Game 6, 1975 World Series, vs the Reds: That nail biter of a game, which ended with Carlton Fisk’s walk-off homer in the 12th.

    April 29, 1986, vs Seattle: A young 23-year old pitcher named Roger Clemens struck out 20 batters in this Major League record setting contest.

    1999 All-Star Game/All-Century Team celebration at Fenway Park: The final Mid-Summer Classic of the 20th Century and the one that cannot be outdone–EVER, as far as I am concerned.

    1999 ALCS, Game 3 vs the Yankees: Pedro Martinez vs Roger Clemens–’nuff said…

    April 22, 2007, vs the Yankees: The night of the 4 consecutive homers.

    And if that isn’t enough, there are TONS of extras, including: Fenway Park origins, features on Ted Williams and Yaz, “THE Steal”, and footage of the 9th innings of both Derek Lowe AND Clay Buchholtz’s no hitters! And this is only the beginning!

    Holy Buckets! I got this collection last week, and it has not left my DVD player. Games I never had a chance to see before, they are all here. The no-hitters, tons of history, and WOW, the 1999 All-Star game. No matter how many times I see it, watching all of those professional baseball players swarm around Ted Williams like star struck fan, chokes me RIGHT up. This one DVD alone is worth the price of this whole collection…

    And what if I told you that this DVD collection, which just released 4 days ago, can be yours–FOR FREE

    Believe it. I have a brand spanking new copy of this DVD for giveaway on Boston Red Thoughts. Only 1 copy, with 1 lucky winner getting all this Red Sox goodness for themselves..

    What do you have to do to win? Glad you asked. I am leaving next Thursday morning, June 12, 2008 for Fenway Park, for the Red Sox/ Baltimore Orioles Game. Between now and then, every time you leave a comment on Boston Red Thoughts (no spam please) you will receive 1 entry in the Games at Fenway Park DVD Sweepstakes. Before I leave for Boston on Thursday morning, I will draw a random winner to receive the DVD. That’s it–so comment early and often, and you could be the winner of this truly outstanding DVD collection.

    And, if you don’t win, you can still buy the collection on Shop AETV or MLB.com. But why buy it when you can WIN IT? And if you don’t win it–you need to buy this collection!

    Good luck!

    42 Responses to “The Boston Red Sox
    Essential Games of Fenway Park”

    1. carissaad says:

      This would be great to give to my brother as a going away gift before he leaves for Iraq or as a welcome home gift when he comes back. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    2. ghostamongyou says:

      sweet prize!

    3. cezovski says:

      I love the Boston Red Sox! I would SO much love to win this DVD set!

    4. cezovski says:

      Quote from the classic movie Goodfellas: “The way I see it, everyone takes a beating sometime.” And the Red Sox took one Friday night. But then Saturday came along…..

    5. Christine E. says:

      Hello everyone:

      Thanks for your comments–keep checking back all week, as the giveaway is going on until Thursday morning–and will be announced over the weekend…:-)

      Masterson on the mound today–hopefully he will give us more of the same…

      Go Sox!

    6. mverno11 says:


    7. carissaad says:

      Thanks for the great giveaway!

    8. frozenman20 says:

      please enter me in this great contest thanks

    9. cezovski says:

      “All literary men are Red Sox fans – to be a Yankee fan in a literate society is to endanger your life.”
      –Quote by John Cheever

    10. cezovski says:

      Here’s another cool Red Sox Quote by Stephen King!
      “The best show on television is Red Sox baseball. Everything else sucks.”

    11. jennai says:

      Hope you have lots of fun when you visit Fenway next week! Did you know that, in 2007, NBC’s “The Today Show” named Fenway Park one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Places in America?”

    12. cezovski says:

      Red Sox top Mariners for 15th win in 16 home games!
      JD Drew knocked in BOTH Boston Red Sox runs as the world champions defeated Seattle by a score of 2-1.

    13. jennai says:

      Did you all know that “Sweet Caroline” is played as often at Fenway Park as The Star-Spangled Banner?
      In September 2004, Jimmy Buffett included “Sweet Caroline” in a medley with “Why Don’t We Get Drunk” during both of his Fenway Park shows, stating, “Never again will those songs be played together in one medley at Fenway Park.”

    14. mama43 says:

      Date Night at my house is my husband of 18 years and myself, with subs from Subway and a big bottle of Pepsi…watching the Sox…we do it almost every game. If we can’t watch the game at game time, we have DVR’d it and we watch it later. There is NOTHING better than the SOX. My hubby will be 65 on New Years Eve and my dream for him would be to have him have dinner with one of the Sox…any will do of course, but Manny would be our first choice…simply to give him a handshake for his momentous 500th home run (and still counting).
      This prize would me so much if we could win…thanks for great contest!

    15. mverno11 says:

      realyy nice ain’t it

    16. kbruson says:

      This prize is so awesome! Thanks for the contest! I tried getting tickets to any game, but couldn’t (unless I want to pay an outrageous price at a ticket agency) so this would be great to sit down with hubby and the boys to watch on family night!

    17. LIDARKSIDE says:

      We’re going to see the Red Sox beat those arrogant Yankees!

    18. cezovski says:

      My goal is to go to a Red Sox game at every stadium in the country! I’m sure I’ll never make it, but at least I’ve been to Fenway (plus San Francisco and Chicago). Got a ways to go yet, ha ha.

    19. Christine E. says:

      Thank so much to everyone for your comments! I hope you are enjoying your stay here…:-)

      Please feel free to comment on any other post as well–eligible entries can be on any post on Boston Red Thoughts–not just this one..:-)

      Go Sox!

    20. carissaad says:

      Go Sox!

    21. cezovski says:

      Time is drawing near…for your trip to watch the Sox beat Baltimore (have fun!) and for winning the DVDs (please, please, please!!). Wish I was going too!

    22. llangeve says:

      This would be a lot of fun to watch as a family!

    23. Christine E. says:


      While I certainly appreciate all of your comments, some clarifaction:

      This is a random drawing…:-)

      Subbmitting 17 comments such as “I love the Sox”, “Go Sox” are not valid, as they are bordering on SPAM, and will not be eligible for the drawing..


      Go Sox!

    24. megn304 says:

      This is a great contest. This DVD for be great for my family.

    25. risanjax says:

      My family, including my first grader, loves the sox. Thanks for the chance to watch as a family.

    26. cezovski says:

      Way to go, Manny Ramirez, J.D. Drew, and Coco Crisp.
      But unfortunately it was not enough. Boo Hoo.

    27. jennai says:

      Anybody here from Massachusetts? This just in!
      This July, nine genuine and authentic World Series rings and a special edition Red Sox Volvo C30 will be awarded to 10 lucky winners of this year’s Ring Raffle.

      And beginning Tuesday, eligible fans can go to MLB.com to sign up for the chance to win. Registrants must be Massachusetts residents and at least 18 years of age.

    28. jennai says:

      Clarification….I just noticed this is actually a raffle. $10/ticket and the drawing will be held Friday, July 11, at Fenway Park. There will be 10 winners. Not sure if I can post a link, so go to mlb.com, then Boston, then Fenway (at the top).
      So good luck to anyone who does this! Actually, I might do it IF I lived in Massachusetts!

    29. cezovski says:

      Well, if you poke around this site, you will find ANOTHER contest where you can win all kinds of stuff, including a trip to N.Y., 4 tickets to the MLB All Star Game AND a chance to meet David Ortiz and “tell him where to hit one at the Derby.” This contest is free and ends 6/24. If anyone wants the link, and I am allowed to post it here, let me know!

    30. Christine E. says:

      Thanks for all the info on the giveaways and such, but the spirit of the giveaway is to comment on posts here at Boston Red Thoughts, and talk about about the Sox, not just try to win something…:-)

      Thank you for your comments!

      Go Sox!

    31. Gracie says:

      Have a good trip! Wish I was going. 🙂

    32. designingwoman says:

      What a SWEET (Caroline!) prize!! My Dad would have loved this collection, and I would definitely enjoy it immensely as I love the Red Sox!

      Big Papi for President!!


      I love that dirty water!!!!!

      Manny being Manny!

    33. glitterfae says:

      i love the Boston Red Sox! thanks for the contest!

    34. katybug says:

      I’d love these dvds! My favorite – 1999 ALCS, Game 3 vs the Yankees – you gotta watch it more than once!

    35. carissaad says:

      Go Sox! Thanks for the giveaway.

    36. ecampbell31 says:

      My career is in the toilet. I am broke. I am 40 years old, and I live with my parents. I have nothing in life to bring me happiness. Please give me the DVD. Red Sox baseball is the only joy left in my life.

    37. taffy6 says:

      Thank you for having this contest. I really appreciate it.

    38. carissaad says:

      Thanks for the great giveaway! Go Sox!

    39. mrstrooper says:

      Great prize!

    40. raysaunders says:

      Sounds like a great addition to my collection of Sawx DVDs

    41. lilyk says:

      Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

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