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  • June 6th, 2008

    Red Sox 7, Tampa Bay 1:
    Can’t we all just get along?

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:59 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Ya know….Its BAD enough that Coco and the Rays were gunning for each other from the night before when Coco purposely slammed into Iwamura, after his perceived slight earlier in THAT game–but now the Sox are fighting amongst themselves?

    Now, I am not a huge fan of the whole bench clearing brawl (although when the Sox and Skanks get into it, it’s pretty amusing to watch) But I do understand the pitcher retaliation is part of the game, as long as they are not throwing at someone’s head (hear that, Kyle Farnsworth??) But, Coco, when you feel you are “wronged” you don’t get all vigilante and exact payback–especially on someone that wasn’t even involved in the altercation that caused you to get all riled up. That is what your pitching staff is for, as evidenced by the fact that James Shields hit you in the leg in your 1st at bat last night, which sparked the whole bench clearing brawl, which you KNOW will result in suspensions on both side –suspensions the Sox really cannot afford to have, since it seems everyone on the team is getting hurt on a regular bases…

    And then Manny and Youk (who played his 1st game in right field last night, and did admirably–he is SUCH a team player) before the 5th had to be separated in the dugout last night–what on EARTH could they have been fighting about??? Tito would only say this: “I think they were just exchanging some views on things. We had a lot of testosterone going tonight. It was kind of a hectic night. Sometimes those things happen. It wasn’t really a big deal, it won’t be a big deal, it happens. We’ll get by that one. In fact, it’s been handled and we’ll move on from that one.”

    And then Jacoby Ellsbury, in the process of making this magnificent catch, rolls his wrist. It looked pretty nasty on the replays… He has had X-rays, which came out negative, and will be checked out more thoroughly by team doctors today. Chances are he will be fine, and only out a couple of days, if that, but if it’s something more serious…

    THEN, when Manny is batting in the 7th inning, he moved away from a pitch and grimaced–We all know his right hamstring has been bothering him, which is why he has been the DH since Big Papi went on the DL…and the Sox brought in Kevin Cash to pinch run for him (despite the fact that he did not want to come out of the game), but what if it’s something more?

    In case it is, the Sox sent Chris Carter (who got his 1st major league hit in last night’s games–he actually has 2) back to Pawtucket and called up Brandon Moss, who has been there since recovering from his appendicitis…

    With all this drama going on, it almost hard to remember there was a game last night, and a sweep at that. Jon Lester pitched pretty well, although his pitch count was kind high (108, 61 for strikes). His line: 6 innings (throwing 108 pitches, 67 for strikes) giving up 1 run on 8 hits, with 5 strikeouts and no walks.

    So the Sox are currently 1.5 games in front of 2nd place Tampa Bay for the lead in the AL East–and the Skanks are 6.5 games behind—in 4th place. HA HA…

    Tonight: Kicking off a 3 game series against Seattle, Bartolo Colon gets the start, opposed by Mariner starter Felix Hernandez. 1st pitch 7:05pm…

    One Response to “Red Sox 7, Tampa Bay 1:
    Can’t we all just get along?”

    1. Sarah says:

      Woa. Thankyou for sharing. I certainly did not think about this particular issue in that way before and it opened some serious discussion for me on this topic.

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