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  • June 5th, 2008

    Red Sox 5, Tampa Bay 1:
    Moving into 1st place…

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:03 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    With the Sox win against the Rays last night, it moved them back into 1st place. But its weird–its did not even aggravate me that the Sox were not in 1st place all this time–perhaps because the Skanks are still battling the Oreos for LAST place and are still 6.5 games behind? I dont know, it just FEELS different this year. Yes, their abysmal away record bugs the crap out of me, but there is not that feeling of “Oh my god! They lost a game!” Maybe it’s the 2nd World Series in 4 years, or maybe it’s the fact that the Skanks have yet to be a threat…Not sure…

    But my heart was in my throat last night in the 6th inning, when Josh Beckett slipped and then grimaced. I had vision of blown out muscles and more DL…Fortunately, it was nothing, although Terry Francona did pull him out of hte game at the end of the 6th, after only haveing thrown 92 picthe (57 for strikes) He did well in his outing, going 6 innings, only giving up the 1 runs on 7 hits, while walking none (In his 11 starts this year, last night’s game was the 8th time he walked only one or no batters.) and striking out 5….

    Some GOOD rehab news! Curt Schilling, after months and months of weight training and long toss, threw 25 pitches off the mound yesterday–and 22 of them were strikes! But the even better part was the fact that he was able to do this without pain. Barring any unforeseen, he will probably repeat this exercise with a few more pitches today or tomorrow…

    Looks like Justin Masterson will be around a little while longer, with all of the injuries happening, he will be making his 4th start on Sunday afternoon against Seattle. Staying with the team is something new for him, as he was optioned back to the minors immediately after each of his 1st 2 starts. From Justin: “It’s been nice to stick around and get to talk with the guys in the clubhouse a little more, guys like John Farrell. Just hearing what they have to say and how they go about their business, understanding the daily grind that is Major League Baseball…It’s what everyone dreams of; I’m just living the dream right now.”

    Looks like Bartolo Colon will be getting the start for the game I will be at next week (June 12th vs the Oreos). Daisuke is also due to come off the DL that day, so it could be him. Or, if it rains, all bets are off. I would really rather see someone else…but hey it’s FENWAY!!! By this time next week I will be ON…MY…WAY…

    Tonight: Because of the Celtics/Lakers game, tonight’s game will begin at 6:05pm, instead of the normal 7:05 pm. Jon Lester, only 2 starts removed from his no-hitter, will face James Shields, and go for the sweep of this 3-game series…

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