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  • Archive for June, 2008

    Sports Betting:
    More than just “Place Your Bets!”

    While I know a bit more than I did this time last year with regard to the world of sports betting and online- gaming–there is still a TON of info I have no idea about. So I went back to the trusty Ask and this time I got 11,640,000 hits, which is a little less […]

    Red Sox 2, Astros 3:
    Revenge of the Former Sox Players…

    Ya know…it always seems to happen–the Sox let a player go, and it comes back to bite them on the ass…Sometimes its a good thing that they let the player go (Carl Everett, et al) but in others, not so much–like Mark Loretta for example… And unfortunately, Okajima cannot manage to get his groove back, […]

    Red Sox 7, Phillies 4:
    Pictures and Stuff…

    What the heck is going on? Colon is on the DL, Daisuke is off the DL, Coco is hurt, Youk is hurt, Manny is still hurt, Schilling has had a setback–I leave the country and THIS happens…CRAP… Holy Buckets!  JD Drew is a MACHINE! in the 8th 4 hit game in his career, JD Drew […]

    Red Sox 6, Reds 4:
    Welcome Home, Kevin Youkilis…

    Note: I have been traveling to the Phillipines since Sunday morning, which is the reason for the delay on this… ****************************************** After the bats took a vacation on Friday night, it was nice to see that Youk, in his 1st hometown start, was able to help the Sox win with a homer in the 10th […]

    Red Sox 9, Oreos 2:
    If anyone asked you if Mike Lowell is a God…

    …Tell them YES…. Holy Buckets! My 1st Red Sox game at Fenway since 2005, and I could not have asked for a better game! While my seats were a bit obstructed (I could see home plate, but I had to lean to see the pitchers mound) I did not miss a second of Mike Lowell’s […]

    Red Sox 6, Oreos 3:
    On the Road to the Holy Land…

    So I am into hour 4 of the 6 hour drive to Fenway Park, aka, Mecca, nirvana, insert your favorite place here–weather is beautiful, and is supposed to be STUNNING for the game tonight. I…cannot…wait… I have chosen a winner of the DVD, and I have contacted them. As soon as I hear back, I […]

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