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  • May 21st, 2008

    Red Sox 2, KC 1:
    A different kind of drama

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:11 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    While it was not a no-hitter, Justin Masterson did a great follow-up to Jon Lester’s no hitter–got his 1st win in the bigs, with a 6+ inning, 1 run, excellent showing….

    His line: 6 1/3 innings, throwing 91 pitches (55 for strikes) giving up 1 run on 3 hits, while striking out 5 and walking 3…And even tho he did so well, he will be packing his bags today and heading back to Pawtucket, since, right now, the Sox have too many pitchers (always a great problem to have…) But I think we will be seeing much more of young Justin…

    What is going on with Okajima? He was off for almost a week with an aching wrist and then…THIS: Double/Fielders Choice/Strikeout/Walk/Walk–and the bases are loaded. Papelbon had to come in and stop the bleeding, which he did by striking out Billy Butler…

    Part of commemorating Jon Lester’s No-hitter, he, and Jason will be donating several items from the game, including Lester’s spikes, some of ‘Tek’s catching equipment (as the catcher of 4 no-hitters) and a game ball (but not THE ball that got the last out) signed by Lester…

    And in a strange twist of fate? Mel Parnell, the last southpaw to throw a no hitter for the Sox over 50 years ago, is also a cancer survivor, with the same type of cancer Jon Lester had, lymphoma. From Mel: “I know what he went through with the lymphoma, because I, too, had lymphoma.”It’s not the easiest thing to get over because it takes a lot of strength out of you. But he was able to recoup his strength, thank goodness, and use it to greater advantage in pitching.” While watching the Sox game on Monday night, he was brought right back to that night 52 years ago, when he no-hit the White Sox for a 4-0 Red Sox victory: “I remember right through ballgame that I was going for it. I’ve heard a lot of pitchers say they don’t know they were going for it. I don’t see how that could be possible, because you’ve got that big scoreboard right there in the ballpark. It tells you what’s happening. You remember if a guy gets a base hit off you. Then, from the seventh inning on, the fans are a constant reminder. So there’s no way to avoid knowing you’re going for one.”

    Mailed out the copies of MLB08 The Show today that were generously donated by the winners of Boston Red Thoughts’ very 1st giveaway. Thank you again, Ted, from Red Sox Dad, and Robert B. who generously allowed me to donate the copies they won in their name. Have another excellent giveaway coming up in the next couple of weeks–stay tuned!

    Good Night, and Good Luck: After 16 stellar season in the bigs, one of its icons, and one of the greatest catchers of the modern era, Mike Piazza, announced his retirement yesterday. As the holder of the record for most homers by a catcher (427), he is all but assured a place in the Hall of Fame…

    In a pretty surprising move, Batsh*t Julian Tavarez has accepted an outright assignment to Pawtucket…

    Coming up: The much heralded 1st start in a Red Sox Uniform for Bartolo Colon. If he does at all well, I am thinking Clay Buchholz will come off the DL, and back to Pawtucket–cause I think he needs more work…1st pitch is 7:05pm, and he will be opposed by Royals starter, Brett Tomko…

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    A different kind of drama”

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      […] you know, I, and several of Boston Red Thought’s readers recently donated our copies of PS3 MLB08 The Show to the Dana Farber Cancer […]

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