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  • May 2nd, 2008

    Red Sox 0, Toronto 3:
    No sweep for you!!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:15 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Who exactly said that pitching wins games?? The Sox definitely have the pitching–it’s the hitting that in deep crap right now….

    Do you know who many runs the Sox have scored in the last 3 games? TWO… and in the last week? SEVEN–that’s right, seven runs in the last 6 games, including being shut out twice in the same span. In the last 5 games, Sox hitters have had 150 at bats–and only had 23 hits and 14 walks–and 33 strikeouts…


    And the most screwed up thing of all? The Sox STILL lead major league baseball in Batting Average and On-Base Percentage!

    Tim Wakefield, putting in the 5th consecutive quality start in as many days, went 7 strong, only giving up 3 runs on 7 hits, while walking 3, hitting 2 batters, and striking out 6. In the last 5 starts, no Sox starter has given up more than 3 runs on his watch…

    And unfortunately, AJ Burnett’s arm did not fall off last night, as he keep the Red Sox bats silent going 7 2/3, giving up only 3 hits, while walking and striking 5…

    Ya know who JD Drew reminds me of? Nomar. When he is injured he pretty much becomes ally pessimistic and seems to almost shut it down. Not like other players who will get hurt, and get it treated and move on, even if they are not 100%. I feel that JD, like Nomar, is so overly cautious, they wont go out there until they are 100%, and that never happens when you are a pro athlete…remember when Nomar had the Achilles injury in 2004? He dragged that on for weeks and weeks…

    How bout this? Apparently there is some big investigation happening with regard to the US Marshals Service in Boston–the feds are trying to fin out of US Marshalls were driving Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to and from Fenway last year during the World Series…Add to that the possibility they used their badges to gain access to the game and the blue lights on their vehicles to get through the crowds… From Nancy McGillivray, who used to be a US marshal in Boston, but has retired: “If in fact the allegations are true . . . it’s demeaning to the individuals involved and the agency. They are professionally trained to do law enforcement work. It’s demeaning to have them involved in anything that doesn’t have the government’s interests at heart.”

    Normal duties for US Marshall include: witness protection, transporting prisoners, tracking fugitives, enforcing federal court orders, and protecting judges or other officials that are involved in business that the federal government has an interest in…I don’t think the lame-o Fox broadcasters are part of their job description…

    Tonight: The Sox kick off a 3-game homestand against Tampa Bay, who, as we all know, swept them last weekend in Tampa. Clay Buchholz gets the start; opposed by Edwin Jackson–1st pitch is 7:05pm

    One Response to “Red Sox 0, Toronto 3:
    No sweep for you!!”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, as much as the loss to the Blue Jays stunk, the two wins vs. the Rays have been that much better.

      Hopefully the rain lets up enough for them to get the game in today, then it’s off on a 10 day road trip.

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