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  • Archive for April, 2008

    Red Sox 6, Cleveland 4:
    Not the way I thought THIS was going to End…

    Did not get a chance to watch this game–and isn’t that always the way? The ones I watch every minute of never have an ending like this! Manny Ramirez once again put the Sox on his back and hit homer # 493–a 2 run shot that brought the Sox a 9th inning victory in Cleveland. […]

    Red Sox 8, Skanks 5:
    2 out of 3? Definitely Not Bad!

    Whoo Hoo! While I would have like to swept the Skanks–2 out of 3 is fricken fantastic! But, I made it as far as the 7th inning before I fell asleep–8:00pm games when the Sox play the Skanks end up being as bad as NightNIGHT games on the left coast…this one was just shy of […]

    Red Sox 12, Tigers 6:
    Winning another Series…

    This felt like a closer game than it was, especially in the 8th inning when Julian Tavarez was on the mound, there were no outs, the bases were loaded the score was 8-5 (2 runs had already scored) and freakin Gary Sheffield and his constantly waving bat were at the plate…at that point I had […]

    Red Sox 2, Tigers 7:
    A complete 180…

    Well, at least the Tigers won their 1st game–of the season…I just wish they waited a couple more days to it… Unfortunately, this was one of those games that just went from bad to worse…Mike Lowell sprains his left thumb in the 2nd inning. Fortunately, the X-rays show up negative for any kind of break […]

    PlayStation’s MLB 08 The Show:
    As close as we can get…

    When I was young, I was part of the generation who saw the 1st video games–and I was a junkie: Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Centipede and my personal favorite: Tetris were all games I would go to the arcade to play for hours–or at least until my quarters ran out. Yes, video games were […]

    Red Sox 5, Tigers 0:
    Now THAT is the way to kick off a Home Opener!

    Holy…Buckets!!! BILL BUCKNER??? How on earth did the Sox manage to get Bill Buckner to come back to Fenway??! Since I did not get to watch it live (^#*@^#&@^*#) I already knew that Buckner was throwing out the 1st pitch, but that in no way diminished the impact seeing him walk on the field and […]

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