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  • April 16th, 2008

    Red Sox 5, Cleveland 3:
    That would be 4 in a row…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:28 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Of course, he is a hero every day of the week, being one of (if not THE) best catcher in the game, but last night, the role of game saver did not go to big hitter Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz–but to Jason Varitek. His pinch-hit solo shot in the 9th inning broke the tie and gave the Sox the win–their 4th game in a row… He has not hit a pinch run homer since 2003–and this one was his 3rd.

    Wake fared pretty well, only giving up 2 runs and 7 hits over 6 innings. He also walked 4 and struck out 4…Hey, any game where Wake doesn’t give up 6 runs in an inning is a good outing….

    Which gives them super momentum going into the Skankee games coming up today and tomorrow…

    Could someone please tell me exactly WHAT is Dr. Craig Morgan’s motivation for going out and telling people that Curt Schilling would consider pitching next year–for of all teams, the Skankees? Curt is saying this: “…Craig is a friend, a very close friend, always will be…I’m not really sure what conversation he’s referring to with regards to a couple of different comments that he made, but the Yankee piece, there’s some misinformation going on, and I can remember us having a conversation and laughing about coming back and pitching next year …” I think this Dr is just pissed that the Sox did not take his advice and let him operate on Curt’s arm, rather than the rest and rehab approach they chose to take…

    Welcome to the Red Sox Jed Lowrie! In his major league debut, was responsible for 3 of the runs the Sox scored in last night’s victory, the 1st with a fielder’s choice in the 5th and then on a 2-run single (his 1st hit at The Show) in the 7th…The last (and only time) another Red Sox player had three RBIs in his major league debut was in 1947–when rookie Merl Combs did it…

    I thought his elbow was OK?: Apparently, Alex Cora’s “twinge” in his elbow is something more than it was thought. Despite the fact that Tito said he was fine last week, its looks like AC is headed to the DL, with an impingement in his right elbow, retroactive to April 10th…He will also be getting an MRI later this week. From AC: “Better than three days ago, but not where I want to be…If I’m not 100 percent and I’m not going to play, why be here?”

    Tonight: More Skankee games–YUK…But the good thing is that after these 2 at the stadium, we don’t have to deal wit them again until the 4 games in JULY–yup, the 4th of July Weekend…kinda surprising huh? Clay Bucholtz gets the nod tonight, opposed by Chien-Ming Wang (who hopefully does not bring his “A” game tonight) 1st pitch 7:05pm–and I hear Jeter (and his ubiquitous fist pump) is back…ewwww….

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