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  • Archive for April, 2008

    Red Sox 1, Toronto:
    Now THAT is a pitching duel…

    Who would have thunk that Jon Lester, whose last couple of starts have been less that stellar, would throw 8 innings of 2-HIT ball, going head to head with Blue Jay ace (and most excellent veteran pitcher) Roy Halladay…in a game that lasted an amazing 2 hours and 18 minutes–wish we could have one of […]

    Red Sox 0, Tampa Bay 3:
    Swept…By the Devil Rays???!

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Are you freakin KIDDING me??? It’s bad enough the Sox have now lost 5 in a row–But the last 3 were to Tampa Bay….and two of those games were pitched brilliantly by the starter: Clay Buchholtz (Saturday Night): 8IP (A complete game, no less…), with 3 […]

    Red Sox 5, Angels 7:
    1st Losing Series at Home…

    What…A…Freakin…Waste… Justin Masterson comes up from AA Portland to cover for all of the ailing starters, giving WAY more that he was ever expected to give: 6 brilliant innings of 1-run ball, only giving up 2 hits (including a solo home run) while walking 4 and striking out 4–and what happens? The wheels completely come […]

    Red Sox 4, Angels 6:
    Another Day, Another Starter down with the Flu…

    I mean, really, has no one ever heard of the flu shot? I get one every year, and it manages to keep me reasonable healthy… For the 2nd night in a row, a Red Sox starter is a late scratch because of the nefarious bug that is going around, so Jon Lester, who hasn’t been […]

    Red Sox 7, Angels 6: Doing it without an Ace…

    After being felled (hopefully its just the flu–and not something worse) by the same flu that is running its way through the Red Sox Clubhouse, Josh Beckett was a scratch from his start last night, so the Sox called up Dave Pauley for an emergency spot start–and while he didn’t get enough innings for the […]

    Red Sox 8, Rangers 3:
    And that would be a sweep!

    OK, I have to admit–On Monday morning, when I was putting the little red dots on my calendar for the weekend, (red dots for wins, black for losses) I got a little carried away and put a red dot on this game–despite the fact that it wasn’t even going to be played for another 3 […]

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