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  • March 28th, 2008

    March 28, 2008:
    4 More Days…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:55 am in Baseball,Holiday,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Honestly! Didn’t we already do this countdown things? It would have been better to wait and started the season with everyone else next week (I am sure the Sox and Oakland would agree with me on that.) It’s worse to have 2 games (although I did not see a minute of either–Thanks Direct TV…) and then have to wait 5 days for more baseball–this…really…sucks…

    Josh Beckett he pitched brilliantly yesterday for the Sea Dogs against Minnesota’s New Britain Rock Cats (what a mouthful there…) Throwing 47 pitches (33 for strikes) over 4 scoreless innings (Jon Lester, take note…) he only allow 1 hit, no walks and struck out 6…If there are no setbacks, Josh will more than likely pitch in a intrasquad game in Florida on April 1st. This puts him in line to start the final game of the Toronto series on April 6th. I think they should hold him fro 2 more days and have him start the Opening Game at Fenway on the 8th…

    There was an optional workout yesterday, the 1st day back from Japan–about 15-20 players attended–and course not Coco Crisp–he doesn’t seem to do “optional”–and it’s kind of ironic, as he is a player that could really use the extra work….

    One roster move to go–and it looks like Bryan Corey will be the odd man out–unless Mike Timlin goes on the DL (which is more likely than not) If Timlin is not available, Bryan Corey will remain with the team…

    My question is: who goes after Corey? We still have Bartolo Colon who is in line for a rotation spot. I just reallyREALLY hope that if Colon struggles, Tito doesn’t stick with him for a really long time…

    Brian McNamee did a brief public speaking engagement yesterday at a supplement store, talking with about 25 people comprised of parents, coaches and high school athletes. He gave pointers and tips as to how to get the most effective workouts for high school kids and how important school is, and well as training and nutrition tips…While he did not mention any of the Mitchell Repot/Roger Clemens stuff, he did encourage people to realize mistakes can make an impact on your life: “My lifetime of actions can be defined by one singular monumental mistake…I believe firmly that everyone deserves a second chance. Every second chance needs a first step. Today, I’m taking that first step.”

    You still have until 5:00pm today to be part of this week’s giveaway for the PS3 version of MLB08: The Show. Best comment wins. After 5:00pm comments will be entered for next week’s giveaway…

    One Response to “March 28, 2008:
    4 More Days…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, it looks like I should get the NESN game tomorrow night. ::crosses fingers::

      Based on how Lopez pitched last year and this spring, he deserves to get the final spot IMO. Corey will be used at some point I’m sure.

      BTW, if somehow I win just give it to the next person! We have a PS2 and I’m not shelling out the $ for a PS3!

      Have a great weekend!

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