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  • March 27th, 2008

    March 27, 2008:
    Red Sox on a Plane…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:40 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (5)

    Fortunately, the trip from LA from Japan is a bit shorter time frame than from Florida to Japan, as they will probably get non-stop flight from Japan and LA…When I ran a simulation, it took a little under 12 hours, and that was stopping in Portland for less than an hour…

    So hopefully the jetlag will not be as bad for this part of the trip, although I think it maybe a bit of a cumulative effort…and the weirdness of leaving Japan at midnight on Wednesday night, and then arriving in LA 6:00pm–on Wednesday night…I’ll be traveling to the Philippines in June, so I will let you know all about jetlag…

    The total miles of this trip? 16,000. That also includes Toronto and getting home to Boston. I hope they all signed up for frequent flyer miles…

    Josh Beckett had what he described as “his best side day of the spring” yesterday. The goal is still for him to pitch in next week’s Toronto series and will be pitching in the AA game today against the New Britain Rock Cats–one of Minnesota’s minor league affiliates…The concern at this point with regard to getting him into a real game is not his back–but if he is stretched out enough. From pitching coach John Farrell: “The decision we’ll have to make at some point here like, Toronto, is probably not on his health, but is he stretched out enough where it’s worth it? We’d love to start him because he’s good. But how deep in the game could he realistically get without us putting him at risk? I think as far as his health, he’s doing great.”

    Bartolo Colon, recovered from his toothache threw a 40 pitch side session in preparing fro his start on Friday night against LA, where he is expected to throw between 60 and 75 pitches

    Some old friends were involved in the games this week. Alan Embree (who still looks like my best friend’s husband) and Keith “Hey, I thought you were retired?” Foulke. Both kept the Sox scoreless in the 8th and 9th yesterday, with only Embree giving up a single to Mike Lowell in the 9th…

    From the Department of the Bizarre and Really Revolting: The Hamilton Collection is offering a series of Christmas ornaments, the 1st it the series is a showman holding a glove and baseball–dressed in Skankee pinstripes and hat…and if it doesn’t get worse from there: the bottom “snowball” of the ornament is a bell (that really rings!)–and on this bell? A picture of Jeter doing his annoying and ridiculous “fist pump” and below that is a clump of snow–and THIS has his signature on it… Are you freaking KIDDING me??? And, apparently, it doesn’t stop there—a whole collection of revolting Skankee players is available–A-Fraud (wonder if he’ll be wearing his purple lipstick??) Matsui, Cano, Mike Mussina (is he even with the team anymore??) etc etc….And the cost for these lovely collectors items? $19.95 each–plus $6.95 Shipping and Handling…EWWWW…..

    There is still time to get in on this week’s give away–Play Station’s MLB08: The Show in PS3. I will be awarding 1 copy every Friday at 5:00pm, for the next 5 weeks to the best comment of that week–you can “enter” as many times as you like–so let me know what you think!

    Coming up–a bunch of meaningless exhibition games this weekend against the Dodgers (although the potential for 115+K people at the game on Saturday is intriguing…and the only one that is being televised–on NESN.) So we wait for the middle of the night on Tuesday to kick off the US leg of the 2008 campaign…

    5 Responses to “March 27, 2008:
    Red Sox on a Plane…”

    1. Robert304 says:

      A bit tough to register. I had to log out and log back in for a comment box to appear, which might be confusing to some people.

      Bartolo Colon will be key this season for the Red Sox, if they can keep him healthy and manage his weight issues. He can pitch alot of inning for them. With Schill out, and question marks for alot of the starters, The Red Sox will need that.

      Good Blog–Keep up the good work!

    2. Frankie Java says:

      Mussina is a great American, plus he does crossword puzzles. In ink.

      (I’ll pass on the Playstation, please send a BMW.)

    3. Christine E. says:

      Hi Robert:

      Welcome, and thank you for your comments–I have let my webmaster know of the problem, and he is working on it..:-) The work around now is to log out and then go to the site and log back it–that seems to work…

      Sorry Frank, the BMW giveaway was LAST week…;-D

      Go Sox!

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