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  • March 19th, 2008

    March 19, 2008
    Road Trip!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:43 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    After today’s  game, the Sox will get on a plane for a ridiculously long time to travel to Japan for the 4 games (2 exhibition against Japanese teams, and 2 against Oakland, which will kick off the 2008 campaign) They will then travel to LA fro 3 exhibition games, before kicking off the US portion of the season with 2 more games against Oakland. Total trip? 18 days….

    It was looking like the Sox might not even play today’s game(which started an hour late),  or even get on the plane today as a boycott of the trip was being threatened, as the players were protesting the fact that the coaches will not received any kind of stipend to go on this trip. (The players are receiving $40,000 each, and the coaches were expecting the same…)

    Of course, whomever was paying the coaches would pony up–the PR nightmare of a boycott would be devastating to MLB…I do applaud the players for standing up for their coaches–although why ANY of them get $40,000 PLUS ALL THEIR EXPENSES to go play in Japan, is beyond me…This is a team with a $100+ MILLION payroll–you cannot tell me they really need the money–the coaches, maybe so–but the players? I’m thinking not… 

    There doesn’t appear that there are any surprises on who is going and who is not… 30 men are going, including Curt Schilling. And of the 30, 28 are allowed to be part of the Opening Day Roster in Japan, but only 25 of them are eligible to play. Less Curt, that means 4 more cuts. Here are my selections:

    Dusty Brown, Jed Lowrie, and Clay Buchholz (he needs time at Pawtucket–I don’t think he is ready for a place in the rotation

    If the Sox only go with 11 pitchers–Brian Corey or Davis Aarsdma will go…

    If the Sox go with 12 pitchers, it will be either Bobby Kielty or Brandon Moss…although, right now, Coco is not ready to play, although he is improving…but if he is not ready, the Sox will probably out him on the DL, and keep both of these guys…

    Can I just tell you how RELEIVED I am that Bartolo Colon is not on this list???

    Just because Curt Schilling is on the DL, doesn’t mean he is not to be in shape: As part of him contracts bonus clause, he is still doing the (6) weigh-ins, which, if he makes his number, will receive the additional $2 million…The milestone for this weigh in? 230 lbs….

    Finally, Grey from Razzball, a super fantasy site, contacted me last week about writing a preview on the Sox…You can check it out here

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    Road Trip!”

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