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  • March 13th, 2008

    This just in: Mirabelli is Toast…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:59 am in Baseball,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Holy Buckets! The Sox released Doug Mirabelli this morning, apparently thinking that Kevin Cash can do just as well catching Wake, is young, and is cheaper…

    Mirabelli was supposed to start is today’s game, and catch Bartolo Colon, but he has been scratched after this morning’s workout and replaced with Dusty Brown…

    No official announcement has been made, but Mirabelli has confirmed it, and declined further comment (probably to wait for the official announcement–and the I am sure he will have something to say about it…and it probably won’t be nice…)

    Mirabelli was signed to a $550K contract fro this year, which the Sox will still need to pay him…


    2 Responses to “This just in: Mirabelli is Toast…”

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