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  • March 5th, 2008

    Red Sox 5, Pirates 3:
    The Airing of Grievances…

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:10 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comments (2)

    There seems to be a new trend in the sports world. Players make public the details of their contract negotiations, hoping to use that as leverage against the team they play for, and get more money. Which is apparently what Jonathan Papelbon is choosing to do in his contract negotiations. From Jonathan: “I’m at the mercy of the club right now to a certain extent…It’s just a matter of ironing out the numbers. We haven’t ironed them out yet and, hopefully, we can get to a mutual agreement. I don’t want to renew. I don’t want to. But if I have to, I have to.”

    Can I just weigh in on how horribly DISTASTEFUL this type of behavior is? Jonathan Papelbon made $425,500 last year–425,500!!! I don’t know about you, but it will be a LONG time (if EVER) I will make that type of money–I just cannot work up alot of sympathy for someone who made almost a 1/2 million dollars last year. Then he comes off with crap like THIS: “I feel a certain obligation not only to myself and my family to make the money that I deserve but for the game of baseball…Mariano Rivera has been doing it for the past 10 years and with me coming up behind him I feel a certain obligation to do the same.”

    Are you kidding me? C’mon, you expect any of use to believe you are doing this for the game of baseball??? The fact that people pay a TON of money to see you play, and these costs will only increase as players ask for (and more often than not, receive) these type of salaries. Please don’t say this is for the game of baseball…

    Because the Sox leave for Japan 2 weeks from now, on the 19th, the 1st roster cuts are expected to happen this weekend, and as they continue to try to get everyone their work in, especially so they can evaluate everyone fully. Complication matters is the fact that Daisuke’s wife is due to give birth to their 2nd child on the 19th–so its completely unknown if he is even going to Japan, much less being the 2nd starter of the 2008 campaign…

    What a shock–Coco Crisp is injured…again. Citing a (ahem) tender groin, he is sitting out the 2nd game in a row today. Also combating injury with a balky back is Julio Lugo, who missed yesterday’s game, and started today, but then was lifted in the 3rd inning for Alex Cora

    Today: John Lester made his 2nd start of Spring Training today against Cincinnati at 1:05pm and went 3 innings, giving up 4 hits, and 1 run, while walking 1 and striking out 3. It’s currently 2-1, Red Sox in the 5th…

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 5, Pirates 3:
    The Airing of Grievances…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I read today that the players union is encouraging guys like Pap, Prince Fielder, Nick Markakis, etc… to speak out like this. So he may just be toeing the Union line.

      But as great as he is, he’s got a long way to go before he’s in Rivera territory.

    2. Red Sox 6, Oakland 5: In 10 innings… Happy Opening Day! » Boston Red Thoughts says:

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