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  • Archive for March, 2008

    March 31, 2008:
    Happy Birthday to me…

    One…more…day… So the trek around the world is over, the 3 exhibition games (including the one that broke the record of most attendees at a baseball game–115,300) are done–and in a little more than 24 hours, the Red Sox will continue the 2008 campaign with a game in Oakland in the middle of the night…

    Week #1:
    And the Winner Is…

    The Winner of Boston Red Thought’s 1st Giveaway–Week #1 is Ted D, fellow Crazy Red Sox Fan and blogger extraordinaire of Red Sox Dad. Ted is the winner of the hottest new video game, PS3’s MLB08 The Show. Because Ted has an earlier version of Play Station, I will be donating his copy of the […]

    March 28, 2008:
    4 More Days…

    Honestly! Didn’t we already do this countdown things? It would have been better to wait and started the season with everyone else next week (I am sure the Sox and Oakland would agree with me on that.) It’s worse to have 2 games (although I did not see a minute of either–Thanks Direct TV…) and […]

    March 27, 2008:
    Red Sox on a Plane…

    Fortunately, the trip from LA from Japan is a bit shorter time frame than from Florida to Japan, as they will probably get non-stop flight from Japan and LA…When I ran a simulation, it took a little under 12 hours, and that was stopping in Portland for less than an hour… So hopefully the jetlag […]

    Red Sox 1, Oakland 5:
    And that is a Sayonara from Japan…

    Another crack of dawn–another game–although ESPN 2 will be televising it at 1:00pm for those of us who cannot get NESN–not that it matters–I’ll still be at work then…So I guess it will have to wait until next Tuesday nightNIGHT before I get to see any actual live baseball…CRAP… But then again, after the abysmal […]

    Red Sox 6, Oakland 5: In 10 innings…
    Happy Opening Day!

    How WEIRD is it that the Sox are finished with today’s baseball–even with extra innings–before 10:00am…strange….At least they won…not that it was a pretty win…Daisuke was not super, going 5 throwing 95 pitches–only 51 for strikes, and giving up 2 runs on 2 hits (including 1 homers) while walking 5 and striking out 6…Could have […]

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