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  • February 25th, 2008

    February 25, 2008:
    Tons of weird stuff to talk about…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:54 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    OK, Manny has been weird…But dumping his current agent and signing with the Satan? Are you kidding me? Scott Boras??? Great–The 437-page report that is the justification as to why Manny CAN play as long as Julio Franco–at about $30-40 million a year is being prepped as we speak… And the weirdest thing? From Boras: “About two or three weeks ago, Manny called me and said he wanted to talk about his situation…We met with him, and he called me right before spring training and said our philosophies were (in line) and he decided to come aboard with the company.” I TOLD you we should have checked for pods in the basement!!!

    And BARTOLO COLON? Are you KIDDING me? Oh, how far they have fallen–from 2005 Cy Young Award Winner, to apparently signing with the Sox for a Minor League Contract worth about $1 million. While the 35 year old is the holder of a winning career record of 146-95 and a 4.10 ERA, last year was his worst year, with a hefty (OK, maybe the pun is intended) 6.34 ERA and a losing record of 6-8…and for that the Angels paid him $16 Million…Holy Buckets! Talk about NOT getting a return on your investment!

    From the It’s About Freakin Time Department: The Sox and Tito Francona have agreed to a 3-Year extension, which will start after he completes the final year of his current contract. This contract also includes a 2-year club option. So Tito could potentially be at the helm of the Boston Red Sox until 2013…And apparently his guaranteed money is $3.5 million in ’09, $3.75 million in ’10 and $4 million in ’11, which puts him right behind Joe Torre as the highest paid manager in the bigs…From Tito: “I’ve been here now four years…Your relationships either grow or they go a different direction. I think I understand how this works in this city. It doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s really not easy, ever. Again, the people I go through it with, I respect a lot. I want to be part of this. If I didn’t want to be part of this, I wouldn’t have done this…Today, I feel like the ball club showed a lot of trust in me, which I don’t take lightly…I appreciate it, and like I said, I’m honored and I’m hopefully humbled by it.” The Sox are 375-273 under his tutelage, for a .579 winning percentage…

    Pitching Update: Josh Beckett threw a 40 pitch batting practice on Sunday, and blows everyone away; Daisuke is working on his changeup during his time in Spring Training, and is confident that he will have improvement from his so-so 2007 campaign. And here is a Jon Lester update from pitching coach John Farrell: “Jon Lester was very impressive in terms of not just the command of his stuff but the power in which he’s showing all of his pitches…And particularly with commanding the ball to his arm side, away from a right-hander, which is a primary goal for us here in camp.” Unfortunately, Tim Wakefield isn’t back to where he should be, as he is showing some inconsistency with his release points–but I am sure that will resolve itself in time…

    A month today, the Sox will play their 1st game of the 2008 season, as will try and defend their World Series Champion status…and while they can take a 30-main roster to Japan, its not clear is they are all on the active roster as well…

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