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  • February 21st, 2008

    February 21, 2008:
    Everyone is Present and Accounted for…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:07 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Seeing as Manny is ecstatically happy (for the moment) to be with the Sox, his arriving on time isn’t too much of a shock–I am more shocked by the whole “I am happy to be in Boston and want to retire here” stuff.. Just 1 year ago, he was threatening to boycott Spring Training, if the Sox did not trade him somewhere else…weirdness–but I guess weirdness=Manny…

    And one would think after an abysmal ending to the 2007 that Coco Crisp and Julio Lugo would have tried to send the message that they even CARE, but showing up a little early. But NO, they show up on the day of reporting, being the last of the bunch…

    And not only does Coco come back at the last minute, I am not particularly liking his attitude either. While he was mediocre (.268) for the regular season (although he never has been what he was with Cleveland), and yes, has stellar defense, He was HORRIBLE (.182) offensively in the post season. And STILL thinks that it is his right to have the starting job: “I would honestly rather be somewhere else and play than be on the bench…But I’ll take whatever comes and deal with it and no knock against Boston. I love the fans. They treated me well.”

    Mike Lowell is the BEST! How can you not LOVE this guy???? Some notables: “The fans were a major, major factor in my signing…I’ve said it from Day 1. I love playing at Fenway…If I would take more money and not be happy, I’d want to kick myself,” Lowell said. “So I’d rather be happy because I have plenty of money.

    Next week, the Sox kick off Spring training games with Josh Beckett pitching the 1st 1/2 of the college doubleheader on the 28th, against Boston College, with Justin Masterson starting the 2nd game against Northeastern…Then its Daisuke on the 29th, Jon Lester on the 1st and Tim Wakefield on the 2nd, all against the Twins…BatSh*t Julian and Clay Buchholz with also pitch, with Julian following Jon Lester and Clay following Wake…

    Can you IMAGINE?: In 1959 the LA Dodgers has 93,103 people in attendance to watch a baseball game–That is almost TRIPLE what Fenway Park can fit…And the Dodgers are thinking that the exhibition Game on March 29th against the Sox will go as high as 100,000…WOW…

    In case you were wondering, the record for the largest crowd at a baseball game was during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where baseball was an exhibit sport, and an estimated 125K people watched. During the 1956 Melbourne Olympics (where it was also an exhibition sport) 104,400 (estimated) watched the game…

    So apparently, if you’ve got enough money, nothing is sold out…While all of the tickets for all of the games in Japan are sold out (there is also a exhibition against a Japanese team, in addition to the 2 Oakland games) there are still Red Sox Destination Packages available–and they ain’t cheap…

    One Response to “February 21, 2008:
    Everyone is Present and Accounted for…”

    1. Ted D says:

      The new, media friendly Manny makes me wonder if John Henry used his millions and had him cloned.

      How about the ping pong table thing? Seems Lowell is the king and Pedie is pissed. 🙂

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