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  • February 19th, 2008

    February 19, 2008:
    Disappointment Abounds…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:34 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Ya know, it’s a very sad state of affairs when a situation like this happens like what is happening with Curt Schilling and the Sox with this whole injury thing…

    Curt Schilling will always be an icon to Red Sox Nation for what he did in 2004–And you know damn well that Pedro Martinez, or any other pitcher for that matter, would not have sewn his ankle back together so they could go out and pitch. He risked alot to do that, and was able to come back and pitch 3 more seasons–maybe not at what he was before 2004–but well enough to help get the Sox another World Series ring…

    And I am not believing that Curt signed the 1 year, $8 million contract with the Sox, knowing he was hurt, as I really don’t think he is that type of guy who would pull something uber-crappy like that…

    But I think he way he is choosing to handing this whole “battle of the doctors” thing is not cool…and what about the whole clandestine “meet me in the parking lot” nonsense that was whispered to only a few hand picked reporters?

    I understand that to him, Dr Moran (who did all of the shoulder surgeries on Schill) is the best. But the Sox have their own medical staff (headed by Dr. Thomas Gill) and even consulted a 3rd party (the NY Met’s team doctor, David Altcheck) and made the decision that they believe is best for the team–to do rest and rehab, rather than the surgery, and, since Curt is under contract, he needs to follow this plan. Yes, he is going to follow it, but not without some digs about “egos” and “having no choice” If he feels so strongly that surgery is the way to go, then he should to bail out of his contract and go and get the surgery done. But don’t gripe about how stuck you are. You have a choice–it just may not be one you want to make…

    How about Andy Pettitte all owning the whole “I did HGH” thing? He answered question upon question yesterday at the Skanks training complex in Florida, admitting that he and Mercenary Roger have not spoken since he gave his statement to congress. He also apologized to the fans, the Skankee and the Astros Organizations for the “embarrassment” caused. He even entertained the idea of just bailing this year and not playing: “That wouldn’t be the thing to do as a man. I felt like I needed to come out and face you guys and whatever circumstances that come I’ll take it, I’ll take it like a man and I’ll try to do my job…All I can tell you, from the bottom of my heart I know why I did this. I did it because I was told it might be able to help me…If people think I’m lying, then they should call me a cheater…Do I think I’m a cheater? No, I don’t…Was it stupid? Yes, I was stupid. Was I desperate? Yes, I probably was.”

    I will be the 1st to admit that I am not a huge fan of Andy Pettitte–but he stepped up and did the right things here–and I admire him for that…

    Ya know what tomorrow is? The day all position players need to be in camp–and then it’s physicals and then the 1st full workout is scheduled for Friday! Will Manny actually get to Spring Training on time? Guess we’ll see soon!

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