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  • February 11th, 2008

    February 11, 2008:
    3 More Days until it Begins!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:53 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Can you BELIEVE it??? On Thursday, February 14th, the pitchers and catchers of the Boston Red Sox will once again converge on Fort Myers. This year, as World Series Champions (Nope, that never gets old…) its up to them to defend their title, and hopefully get back to the World Series…But, maybe, this time, they could do it will a bit less stress???

    Can you believe that it’s been 8 years since Dan Duquette signed Manny Ramirez to that $168 million contract? This could conceivably be the last year Manny plays for Boston. The Sox do have options for ’09 and ’10 (at $20 million each), but will they activate them? I think alot will depend on if he bounces back from the lesser season he had last year. He is currently at 490 homers, so it will be fun to follow the home run chase to 500…

    As we stand on the edge, waiting for the 2008 campaign to begin, there are so many questions to be asked? Will Curt ever pitch again? Will Julio Lugo and JD Drew improve from their abysmal numbers last season? Can Daisuke morph into an Ace like Josh Beckett before him? Can Dustin Pedroia, Mike Lowell, and Okajima maintain their stellar numbers from last year? How will Jacoby and Clay Buchholz hold up over 162 games?

    Let’s look at 3 of the questions above:

    Will Curt Schilling ever pitch again? The best answer I have here is MAYBE–and that is more hoping than any kind of basis in fact. He may pitch a few towards the end of the year, so RSN can say goodbye, but as far as contributing significantly on the mound, I would have to say the chances are very slim. Curt Schilling gave the Sox everything he had–and helped bring 2 World Series trophies to a team who had not had on in 86 years. And for that we will be forever grateful. I just wish he had retired this year like he said he would. It would have been a fitting end to a spectacular career. Ending a career like Curt Schilling’s injured like this…SUCKS…

    Will Julio Lugo and JD Drew improve from their abysmal numbers last season? Well, I am not sure they could get much worse…I understand, playing Boston in stressful thing, but these guys are supposed to be season veterans–SUCK IT UP. JD Drew looked like he was starting to break out of whatever it was, with his Grand Slam during the ALCS. Julio Lugo is a below average defender, so I don’t see there being any improvement there, but hopefully he can increase his offense to be less…offensive…

    Can Daisuke morph into an Ace like Josh Beckett before him? It’s a definite possibility. We all knew that Daisuke would need to acclimate himself to a million things when he came to Boston: Playing in the US and getting used the culture of the States–then playing in the microcosm that is Boston. Also factor in that he was moving from a 6 man rotation to a 5 man rotation, a longer season, and a different workout schedule. He performed exactly as expected (15-12, ERA 4.40…) So who’s to say that he won’t grow into his potential this year? Will he ever be Josh Beckett? Probably not–they are two different pitchers, with 2 very different styles, but Daisuke can (and probably will) get much better…

    So how bout Debbie Clemens–That cracked me RIGHT up when I read that Brian McNamee allegedly injected HER as well, in preparation for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  Remember that issue?  Were she is 39-40 years old, standing in a bikini with totally ripped abs, after giving birth to 4 children…using only this type of workout (from her site):

    3 times a week: 20 minutes of cardio

    2 times a week: 20 minutes of light weight training (5, 8,10lbs)working upper/lower body

    Once a week: 60-90 minutes of stretching/yoga

    You mean if I follow this plan, I can have abs like hers??? Yeah, ok…

    Short hops…

    It has come out that the Sox were prepared to offer Johan Santana a $100 million contract, if he had been traded to the Sox. He got 6 years and $137.5 million from the Mets…

    Keith Foulke came out of retirement (remember how he signed with Cleveland, and then retired right before Spring Training?) He signed a 1-year, $770K deal with Oakland–they team the Sox got him from in 2004…Foulke, incidentally, resurfaced over the weekend, agreeing to terms with the Oakland Athletics, the team he left to join the Red Sox after the 2003 season.

    Theo retains his record for no arbitration for his players–Kevin Youkilis and the club reached an agreement on a 1 year, $3 million contract. In exchanging arbitration figures, Youk asked for $3.7 million; the Sox countered with $2.525. He made $424,500 in 2007…You mean, after all this kid means to this club, they could not do better than a 1 year contract???

    Scott Williamson will be giving ulcers to a whole different set of fans, as he signed a minor league deal (with in invite to Spring Training) with the Giants…

    One Response to “February 11, 2008:
    3 More Days until it Begins!”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I think Drew has a breakout year. Like you said, he was starting to come around and was actually the hottest hitter on the team going into the playoffs. Lugo, well, I’m hopeful.

      And I say Daisuke wins 18-20 this year; his stuff is too good, and I think you’ll see a Beckett like year this season.

      Scott Williamson.


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