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  • February 9th, 2008

    February 9, 2008:
    Other Options for Red Sox Tickets…

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:35 am in Baseball,Product Reviews,Tickets Comments (2)

    Many of us did the crazy lunatic thing a couple of weeks ago, where we sat, online, and on the phone, waiting…and waiting…and WAITING in Virtual Waiting rooms, for Red Sox tickets, only to discover (unless you are very very lucky) that the best seats available are:

    1. Obstructed view
    2. When you go by yourself (Don’t think I haven’t entertained this option in the past…)

    Now, I live 6 hours away from Boston, so I will not risk driving all the way up to Fenway, and then showing up on the chance that I could get tickets at the Box Office. Now, I could probably get tickets form a scalper, but paying $75+ for bleacher seats, or standing room only is… just…CRAZY…

    Maybe I should have just saved myself the grief (and time!) and went to one of the online ticket places. They seem to have everything, even the Hannah Montana tickets my stepdaughter wants so much.

    So I decided to check out Red Sox Tickets at Ticket Specialist. And boy, do I wish I had went here 1st. They had TONS of Red Sox tickets, beginning from Spring Training to Japan, to even Tickets against the Skanks for the last weekend of the season! And while there were a few of the “Bleachers for $500” tickets–there were quite a few grandstand seats at reasonable prices, and even some Box Seats!

    Ticket Specialists have tickets for about every possible sport you could think of–even golf! The entertainment arm is expansive as well, featuring tickets for concerts of every shape and color, as well as Las Vegas and Broadway shows…

    I also looked at Online Seats, which is another ticket broker, who specializes in hard to get and sold out tickets.

    I was curious as to where ticket brokers get their tickets. According to Onlineseats.com: “Ticket brokers rely on the following people for tickets: the general public, radio stations, musicians, coaches, players, corporations, other brokers and the box office. Ticket brokers do not pay face value for their tickets therefore tickets are sold at more than face value. ”

    So if you could not get tickets to Fenway, or just GOTTA have those tickets to Wicked, or in my husband’s case, Blue Man Group, (they even have shows in Germany!) it looks like Online Seats or Ticket Specialists can help you out…

    2 Responses to “February 9, 2008:
    Other Options for Red Sox Tickets…”

    1. Ted D says:


      Does it not kill you that we can buy tickets to games in Baltimore or somewhere else pretty much anytime? Yet, If you want to go to Fenway it takes an Act of Congress to get a ticket?

      Thankfully, I’ve got some really good friends who’ve helped me get tickets for Tedapalooza in May and have no worries when I get there.

      I just hope I don’t cry. 🙂

    2. Tegan Guss says:

      It was a really nice theme! Just wanna say thank you for the data you have fanned. Just continue penning this kind of post. I will be your patriotic reader. Gives Thanks once more.

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