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  • February 6th, 2008

    February 6, 2008:
    Building the Bench….

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:33 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comments (2)

    Sean Casey, Boston’s newest bench guy (and backup 1st baseman) was unveiled to the media at Fenway yesterday, having completed his physical, and signing a 1-year $800K contract with the Sox…From Sean: “I’m at the stage of my career where I just feel like I really wanted to come to a place where I had an opportunity to win…I’ve always wanted to play here in Boston, I’ve known [Francona] for a long time and have always thought I’d love to play for that guy. I just see the chemistry here and I want to win the World Series. It just seems like a great place to play. I’m so excited to be here.” He will wear Wily Mo’s old number 22. His number of choice, 21, has not been worn by anyone since Mercenary Roger left…not sure WHY…

    Welcome back Bobby: Another piece of the bench puzzle was taken care as well, with fellow red-head Bobby Kielty signing a 1-year, non-guaranteed contract with the Sox. If he makes the 25 man roster, he gets $800K, with a potential for $300K more in incentives. Unless Coco is traded, it’s going to get VERY crowded on that bench. I do, think, that, since they did sign Bobby, they have some sort of plan in store for Coco…Kielty is best known to Sox fans for his pinch hit homer in game 4 of the World Series–the only at-bat he had during the games…I wonder if he will have the crazy wild all over the place hair, or the buzz cut this year….

    Speaking of Bobby Kielty, this morning I get an e-mail that says “Bobby wants to add you as a friend” from my MySpace Page. As I do with all the Friend Requests, I go and check it out, fully expecting it to be another porn site–but its NOT…Its fricken BOBBY KIELTY’s my space page! Holy Buckets! How cool is THAT???? Now, one caveat–apparently, he is a spokes model for some vitamin protein drink, and his site is pretty much about that…but it looked legit to me…

    Bummer: Looks like Jeter isn’t going to jail for tax fraud, having settled his tax issues with NY State/City. Apparently, New York has him listed as a resident of the state/city from 2001-2003, so he should have been paying taxes (as NY requires) While he does have an apartment in NYC, he says he was (and still is) a resident of Florida, where there is no taxes…

    So Mercenary Roger was on the grill for 5 hours yesterday. (Pettitte was only on for 2.5…very interesting) What could they have possibly talked about for 5 hours? Maybe they read his 18K Mercenary Manifesto out loud or something….

    Brian McNamee is speaking to the same committee tomorrow–I wonder if HE has read the Mercenary Manifesto yet….

    If you’re into fantasy leagues (not my kind of thing–I got enough stress dealing with the Sox, don’t need to add another amalgam team to it…) Here are the values of the top 5 Red Sox players:

    Big Papi: $32.00

    Papelbon: $27.00

    Manny; $25.00

    Beckett: $20.00

    Daisuke: $17.00

    Can you fricken BELIEVE that Lugo is worth MORE ($12.00) in Fantasy Leagues, that Youk ($10.00) He is also tied with Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury…W…T…F???

    7 weeks yesterday–we have baseball! Whoo Hoo!

    2 Responses to “February 6, 2008:
    Building the Bench….”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, the guy had syringes and gauze pads from over 6 years ago? I LOVE this psycho!

      I love the Casey signing; quality guy and can still swing the bat. I’m also glad to see Kielty back, because he can play the 4th OF role perfect. I think they’ve got to move Coco, hopefully for some pitching help.

      7 weeks?

      Holy Buckets!

    2. Christine E. says:

      Hey Ted:

      I just heard about the “physical evidence” saving that kind of stuff for qall that time–VERY stalker-psycho! But if it has the goods, then Mercenary Roger is going DOWN…

      Hope you are well!

      Go Sox!

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