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  • Archive for January, 2008

    January 22, 2008:
    Back to Nuthin’ Again…

    Once again, NO news–I go to the Boston newspapers online and there is nothing since Sunday! All they are running is AP feeds…. And their biggest news there is that Albert Pujols is mad and cranky (so what else is new??) about the whole steroid brouhaha and refused to let a reporter and camera man […]

    January 21, 2008:
    3.5 weeks….

    It’s hard to believe that in 3.5 weeks, Pitchers and Catchers will report to Fort Myers, FL to begin the 2008 campaign…and then about 5.5 weeks after that, the Sox will play their 1st game of the season in JAPAN. That makes a total of 9 weeks until we have meaningful baseball…YUK….It was better when […]

    January 18, 2008:
    A Little Bit Louder Now…

    Finally! A little more stuff to talk about today, especially with everyone who was in town for the Boston Baseball Writers Awards Dinner last night… Mike Lowell, in town to receive the Thomas A. Yawkey Award at the dinner, weighed in on a bunch of topics, most controversial the proposed blood test for HGH. The […]

    January 17, 2008: EarlyEARLY Morning Baseball…

    Holy Buckets! This is going to be torture….The good news is that for Red Sox and Oakland Fans (Are there actually any Oakland Fans???) the 2008 campaign begins a week earlier. The bad news is that 1st pitch is 6:07 AM on March 25 and 26…and if you are an Oakland fan that translates into […]

    January 16, 2008:
    A Bunch of Minutiae…

    So we are at 28 days and counting, and we are hearing about how the young’uns are all trying to strengthen and bulk up for the upcoming season. The big hope is that Clay Buchholz will be able to handle a full season in the starting rotation this year. Its his goal as well: “I […]

    January 15, 2008:
    How much Longer will this go on???

    Holy Buckets! Feels like forever since I have written—but there is just…nothing…out… there… We are at 30 days until Pitchers and Catchers, and the biggest news in the last week is the negotiations for a backup catcher? No disrespect to Doug Mirabelli, who does a superb job catching Tim Wakefield, and I think also contributes a […]

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